Aluminium Pergola Supply and install in Dubai UAE

Aluminium is the perfect choice of material for pergolas in UAE as humidity, and salty air can trigger corrosion in other metals.



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What is Aluminium Pergola ?

Aluminium pergolas are ideal for relaxing with friends and having fun. With their modern look, they can be used in any garden. In addition to serving as a carport, they can serve as a cover for a small garden pool or hot tub.

It is possible to self-assemble certain modular aluminium pergolas. Furthermore, they have a long service life. A modern aluminium garden pergola can be ordered in any colour scheme. Roofs can be made of polycarbonate or safety glass. In addition to their attractive appearances, both materials offer outstanding mechanical properties.

Why you should choose a Aluminium pergola ?

Not sure if a aluminium pergola is right for you? Learn why thousands of people have chosen Broadview to purchase a pergola.

A hugely versatile product

Aluminium pergola have been purchased for a wide variety of purposes, from hot tub areas to bar areas. We've put together this guide to helping you create a perfect garden bar if you're looking for some inspiration on how to use your pergola.

Installs easily 

Our aluminium pergolas come with easy-to-follow instructions. If you get stuck, there is plenty of extra guidance available. Read about a recent customer's experience installing their pergola if you're not sure if you can do it yourself.

A cost-effective solution

Aluminium pergolas are all premium products. Once you add installation costs to the product cost, the pergola price starts to rise. In addition to the exceptional quality aluminium pergolas are a cost-effective alternative to 

having a pergola installed.

Melody has been providing aluminium pergolas and other outdoor living solutions for many years. You can maximize your outdoor space with an aluminium pergola without having to pay for installation!


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