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Amit Masih@amitmasih
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Freelance Content Writer | IT-Based Website Content Creator | Technical Writer | Blogger

Jaipur, India

Hi, my name is Amit Masih. I am a 24 years old content writer. I am a great fan of black coffee and books. I have been in the freelance writing industry for over 3 years now. I help to convert small businesses and start-ups into lead-generating machines with my content writing skills (Lord, forgive me for this line). When I’m not blogging or writing for my clients, you can catch me reading a book, gossiping with my mummy, and of course, scrolling endlessly on Instagram. I used to work as a web developer and business analyst with a web development agency. But after 3 years, I realized that it’s not something that I always wanted to achieve. So, I decided to quit. Yes, quit! Now, I help bloggers and business owners with engaging and conversational content so that they can showcase the real value of their products or services. I review and write each web copy with complete dedication as it impacts the lives of real-world people.
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