Android Go vs Rust Programming : Features, Some Major Differences

Additionally, you will get the proper idea which language is better Android Go vs Rust Programming l


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Both the Android Go and Rust programming languages come with excellent features including memory -safety, open-source development, and integrated toolchains. In addition to this, both of the programming languages have strong community support for modern software development.

However, both languages were developed to touch different bases like different coding structures, completely different demands, as well as different niches. In this blog of Android Go vs Rust Programming: Features, some major differences we are not going to tell you which one is better.

Rather we will explain both of the languages and leave it up to you to decide which one you want.

In addition to that, to inspire new developers who want to learn android development and are looking for a language to learn. You guys can use this blog as a reference to decide which one would be better for your career.

Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog. Today we are going to share with you Android Go vs Rust Programming : Features, some major differences. Additionally, you will get the proper idea which language is better Android Go vs Rust Programming language

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Rust programming language

Rust programming language
Rust programming language

The programming language Rust was first introduced in 2010 by Graydon Hoare at Mozilla Research. The programming languages introduced as an extension of Machine learning. In addition to this, Rust programming language also provides better security, performance, improved parallelism, as well as greater modularity.

Soon after its introduction to the developer world, programmers loved it and showed great interest in learning it or working with it. Identically, Rust has also been selected as the top 20 most popular programming languages.  Rust programming language developers adopted a methodical process of laying out the architectural design of apps even before they write a single line of code. 

Rust developer can perform the following tasks:

  • Design multiple consumer threads as well as any shared data resources.  
  • They can also design customized ways various peripherals shall be handled. 
  • In addition to this, Rust developers can also design apps to not fight the compiler unnecessarily and increase the load on the processor. 

Advantages of using Rust

  • The programming language Rust provides the presence of type system tools to prevent run-time null execution. 
  • The memory in Rust is also calculated during the compilation. This helps apps to escape the garbage collection. 
  • Rust also comes with a web assembly inbuilt. The web assembly can be used to run apps in browsers. 
  • The programming language can also be used as a space-time controller to program microcontrollers. 
  • Rust also provides high performance as well as memory management with about zero runtime. 
  • Programming rust can also be integrated with other devices in different programming languages. 
  • Rust is a native-programming language just like C++ programming language. 
  • It also comes with a robust compiler that safeguards the apps from common memory mistakes. 
  • In addition to all that, it also has rich-features like an ownership model that saves it from bug-classes during the compilation. 
  • It has a zero-cost abstraction
  •  Predictable runtime behaviour. 
  • It saves crashing and dubbing time during compilation. 
  • Rust is also capable of integrating with C programming languages and FFI. 
  • Rich patterns, syntax extensions, and novel embeddings are some of the few features of Rust. 

Disadvantages of using Rust

  • Learning Rust language is steeper than the Go language. 
  • RUst is fast. However, when compared to the Go language, it is slow. 
  • Rust is also slower than the C and C++ languages in analogous conditions.

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Go programming language

Go coding programming language was developed by Google in 2007. This was developed to perform faster tasks and comprehend other languages drawbacks. Go coding solved most of the issues developers had with programming languages.

The programming language was specifically designed to handle issues like Garbage collection, built-in concurrency, robustness across multiple boundaries among components, and dependency management.

Android Go development was possible because of the Go programming language. Soon after its introduction, the Go coding language became one of the most popular programming languages among developers. 

The Go programming language is also known as the Golang programming language. The language itself is flexible, effective, pragmatic, and concise. It also streamlined the development process by making being a more productive and agile language. The language can also be seen as a great successor of Java since it also uses a distributed system.

Advantages of using Go 

  • Golang development can power entry-level android devices with about 2gb random access memory. 
  • Go is faster which makes apps developed in Go execute about 15% faster than apps developed in other languages. 
  • The Go development allows apps to be develop in less space which allows the user to use the rest of the space. 
  • Go has many features like suggestions while typing, set searches to private if the device is shared. Go also helps the user to make use of the camera to hear new words in sign language. 
  • It also allows the developer to edit the images offline. In addition to this, it also organizes photos and videos using built-in machine learning features. 
  • One of the most important aspects of Golang is that its security is backed by Google resources. 
  • Writing code in Go is simple and the language itself is pragmatic, efficient, and concise.

Disadvantages of using Go

  • Go language keeps the simplicity over performance 
  • It also lacks the generics to an extent
  • In addition to this, the language is not enough immutability 
  • Goland is not a system language. 

Comparison between Rust and Go

Comparison between Rust and Go
Comparison between Rust and Go


Rust is slightly faster than Go coding programming language. This is because GO actually trades the runtime for convenience by allowing automation of the tasks. 

Memory management

Rust uses an ownership strategy for memory management. It also uses zero-cost abstraction. In cases when the Rust program is not memory safe during Rust development, they will not complete the compile stage. 

On the other hand, Go is also a memory-safe language. However, unlike Rust, Go handles safety tasks automatically during the compilation stage. This means Go developers do not have to think twice about releasing and memory allocation during Go app development. 

Development speed

Sometimes during the development speed becomes more important than program speed. The same case can be seen in Python development where programs are not the fastest but writing a program sure is the fastest. The same goes for the Go programming language. Writing programs in Go is faster than most of the available programming languages. 

On the other hand, Rust is a feature-rich programming language that takes longer to learn and master. It also has a slower development speed than the Go programming language. 


Modern programming languages are distribute as well as network and those who aren’t are already left behind. This is because developers need to be able to share data and states between the tasks. In addition to this, they also need to perform tasks independently. This decreases the chances of data corruption. 

The concurrency was first built in Goland language’s syntax. On the other hand, Rust has recently gained the native syntax named async/.await. Rust locks in concurrency. However, it makes up for that during memory safety.


Rust can interfere with high-level code languages like C++ libraries. However, it does not confirm memory or thread-safety. Also calling the C++ code isn’t support in Rust programming language. 

On the other hand, Go provides the CGO package to allow developers to work with the C programming language. In addition to this, it also comes with speedy interoperability. Also, the Go programming language has memory-managed and garbage-collection features. In addition, it also ensures that all the pointers that pass through the C programming are being handle correctly. 

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