Aniruddh Agarwal


CEO & Founder of Extern Labs

Founder and CEO of Extern Labs Inc. and A Proven Multi-Skill Developer. We started three years ago as a three-person team and have since grown to employ more than 70 talented people on 4 locations. We have a complex management structure, and our clients are some of the big reputed companies in the US. In a few months, we increased our client base by 50% and expanded into new international markets. Extern Labs specializes in web & software development. We help businesses build their dream projects, make their business more effective, and improve their bottom line. As the captain of the ship, I valued my team and laid strong emphasis on capacity building, vision building, and spending quality time with them. As a result, I have been able to develop a balance between professionally qualified professionals from various reputed institutes and grassroots experienced people. Responsible for Extern Labs' Work, Strategy, and Growth