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In this blog I will give you guys some tips on app development.


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Hello world, In this blog I am going to talk about app development.

Application is a special software or user-interface that provides an environment to perform specific tasks.


Every app requires a suitable platform to run. Two very common platforms are


It stands for iPhone operating system. This operating system is specially designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod. This operating system was created and developed by Apple Inc. The programming language used to develop this is Objective-C and Cocoa framework.


Android operating system is a linux based operating system used for mobile phones. It is developed by Google and later by Open Handset Alliance(OHA).

Types Of App

Apps are divided into three types

✔Native Apps

The apps used for a single mobile operating system is known as native app

✔Hybrid Apps

The apps that support multiple-platform is known as hybrid apps. These apps are fast and can be easily developed. These apps use single programming code.

✔Web Apps

These apps are similar to native apps and needs a web browser to run it.

Software Development Kit

Software development kit is required for mobile app development which provides an environment that helps the developer or programmer to design app and test code in mobile environment to check its accessibility.

Development Of Simple Apps

✩If you want to develop apps for iPhone and iPad. You need to access to iOS dev Center, a free resource provided by Apple, to understand the coding concepts and other guidelines.

✩If you want to develop an app for android. You need to access Android Developer Training, a free online software which guides you to design an app.

To Create A Successful App You Need To Keep These Steps In Your Mind

✯Step 1

Define your goal- Before going directly into app development you must be very clear about the purpose and mission of your app.

✯Step 2

Sketch your idea- Design a layout of your app such as appearance, options, utility.

✯Step 3

Proper Research Work

  • Find attractive designs
  • Find a way to launch to users
  • Find similar apps and get idea for a better app

✯Step 4

Need of app

  • Type of problem to be solved by your app
  • Decide features that are user friendly
  • The application should be fast

✯Step 5


  • You must decide weather the app will be paid or free
  • You must decide the mode of revenue collection
  • You must decide the expenses in the the development of app

✯Step 6

Create a prototype of app

It is the act of transforming the idea into app with basic functions. This helps you to sell your ideas to actual buyers. While prototyping you must ensure the security of your app against unauthorized usage and data hacking.

✯Step 7

Use of appropriate tool which can provide you with detailed analysis of no of visitors used your app .

Some tools used for this are:-

  • Google analytics
  • Flurry

✯Step 8

Identify Beta-Testers

The act of first launch of the app and the collection of feedback from customers is termed as bets-testing. It is important because it gives you an idea to update or delete some features according to the feedback.

✯Step 9

Release the app

The process of live testing of app in actual environment is termed as release. The main objective in this is to check the integrity of the app in live environment.

✯Step 10

Upgrade your app

App upgradation is very important. This include innovative features, remove bugs make it more user friendly, etc.

✯Step 11

After all the required update according to the feedback you must finally launch

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