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Jakarta Fashion Trend 2023 will again be held at Soehana Hall, The Energy Building on January 11-12.

Jakarta Fashion Trend (JFT) 2023 held by the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) JakartaThis chapter carries the theme of FashByte.

Where the FashByte theme is a fashion show concept that combines fashion, beauty, and nature, it features a Fashion Parade by 62 IFC fashion designers.

Five of the fashion designers displayed their work at the fashion show series, namely the Bank Indonesia Representative Office of Jambi Presents Bima Zikwan, Hannie Hananto, Rengganis, Monika Jufry, and Vielga X Batik Minang.

Each work of the five designers has its own story, here are the reviews:

1. Bima Zikwan with Sahaja Theme

At JFT 2023, Bima Zikwan carries the theme Sahaja, which is inspired by the spirit and optimism of today.

This deluxe ready to wear collection from Bima Zikwan presents a contemporary modern style by utilizing the archipelago's wastra, namely songket.

Bima Zikwan designs clothes with typical Jambi songket motifs such as angso duo, timin seeds, tatapo flowers, and pucung rebut combined with stylish woven fabrics.

Bima Zikwan's work is also dominated by gray and light blue, reflecting unpretentious women who are principled, but still modern.

2. Hannie Hananto's One Line Art

Hannie Hananto as the Head of IFC Jakarta Chapter at JFT 2023 also presented her work with the theme of Women and the form of one line drawing, in printing and embroidery.

One line drawing design is a technique of drawing an object with one continuous line without breaking, even though it looks simple, it is still complex.

Hanni Hananto's one-line art is dominated by maroon, creamy, and black colors. 

Cutting shirt dresses, jackets, blazers, polka dot skirts to wrinkle games in the pants collection are Hannie Hananto's new ideas.

3. Rengganis with a Work Named Ratri

Riri Rengganis presents her elegant work inspired by the atmosphere of the night in a palace, with the title Ratri.

Ratri itself is a Javanese word that means night, usually often used in literary works or performances such as kethoprak and wayang.

In the collection exhibited at JFT 2023, Rengganis uses a handwritten batik wastra from Bayat, Klaten, Central Java.

The checkerboard motif of the original gedogan weaving is called Suat Songket in a natural dye from Baduy, the indigenous Sunda tribe of Banten.

All of these fabrics are combined with black fual cotton, which keeps Ratri luxuriously grounded.


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