The Art of Acing an Interview or getting shortlisted!! Are we overlooking something which is Very Important?

This article will provide you few insights on how to ace an interview by fixing the shortcomings.


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It’s the 21st Century and we do know how important it is to Ace an interview or to Crack an Opportunity which we are passionate about.

Hold on!! Not everyone is fortunate in hitting the bounty in a single attempt. You might be a victim of shortcomings.

Just give a thought, Ask for Yourself, Think of the bottlenecks, Question Yourself on what you are lagging at!!

Basis My Experience, I am herewith presenting a Few Basic Tips and Suggestions that will be pretty helpful during your Shortlisting / Interview Process:

Ø Resume: It's Just a Page of content but it has the power to change your fate!!

a. Use a Constructive and Organized Template.

b. Keywords are something that plays an important role during the shortlisting Process

c. Don’t use a similar resume for all the Job Roles, Keep amending it for every New Role and Make sure the Key Points in your resume reflect the Job Description.

d. Make it simple and Perfect.

Ø Job Portals: It’s a career Portal That helps You find jobs and aids employers in their quest to locate ideal candidates!!

a. Make Sure Your Portfolio is fed with Complete End to End details

b. Mention all the keywords about your Job Role and Your Responsibilities You carried out in your Previous Organization.

Ø Skills: It's an ability to act. What matters the most is how effectively you are going to use it!!

a. Both Soft Skills and Domain-Specific Skills are equally important. Never Include the Skills in your resume if you are not good at the same.

b. Here is a big question that would be rolling in your mind!! What skills should I develop? How Will I know that the Particular Skill, Software, Tool, or Language is in Demand?

It's Pretty Simple, Go through the Job Portals of Various Companies and Check the Domain You want to start your career in. Keep track of Roles and Responsibilities, Skill, Tools, and Software Requirements Which are Domain-Specific and then Work on them.

c. Nevertheless It’s always better to Learn New things even though if they are not domain-specific.

Ø Art of Using LinkedIn as a Tool for Career Progression and Networking!!

a. LinkedIn is an application where you will be finding a large audience of professionals and the scope of learning and exploring new things is wider. Here you will be getting an opportunity to seek guidance from experienced professionals.

b. You will be having an option to connect with the recruiters and employees (Who can Offer Referrals) of Various Organizations Directly (What Matters is the Connection Invite – Make it cool and Perfect)

c. The Options you can explore are the Job Section (Filter Options by Company Name, Date of Posting, Type of Role and Experience) and the LinkedIn Learning Section where you can go through the In-demand courses.

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Ø Websites Where You Can Make a resume of Your Choice :


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These are a few important tips and suggestions from my end. Feel free to reach me on if you have any queries.


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