The Art of Storytelling

Hey, this is the first time I'm talking about a session I hosted, that too my first session about Storytelling with Jasmeet Singh. It covers what Storytelling is, how you can kickstart your career and segments of a good story etc. Read it out and let me know if it was valuable for you.


Amrita Mishra

2 years ago | 2 min read

I recently started conducting speaker sessions and I would love to share the brief about the sessions I host right here, on this platform.

My first session was on Twitter Spaces with Jasmeet Singh. Jasmeet was a shy guy since his childhood. He started journaling when he was 13, and gradually shifted to writing stories and talking to people on LinkedIn from 2019. He has never looked back. Today, he has a 6-figure income by building businesses and brands with his storytelling skills.

What is Storytelling?

  • A story is a thing that evokes emotions, connects, and brings people together.
  • It's so powerful that we can feel the emotions and relate to the lives of cartoon characters too.
  • It has existed for a long time and it can never vanish. There's never too much storytelling until humans exist.
  • The way you can start storytelling is, by observing and talking to people.

How can beginners start their journey in Storytelling?

  • Observe your surroundings - it's the best way to learn. Observation is key.
  • Start reading books, read about character narratives, personality development, and narratives
  • Go back to your childhood, watch characters, observe their stories, patterns, and behavior
  • Start portraying your real-life on Social Media and talk about your experience - 95% of people are talking about their real life

Parameters of a Good Story

  • Relatable
  • Audience-friendly
  • It should tell the reader/viewer what should be the next step, or what is the learning. It should always have a takeaway for the audience.
  • Good stories either evoke emotions or add value to consumers' life.

Segments of a Story

  • Character and the situation of that character
  • Narrative/Plot/Series of Events
  • Decide which perspective you want to talk in First-person (I, we) or Second-person (You)
  • Find the purpose of the story. Why do you want to use a story?
  • Create a takeaway, closure, or in technical terms, a Call-to-Action (CTA) - What should the reader/viewer do next?

How to develop skills for Storytelling?

  • Work on your personality (How do you present yourself?), writing style, video style, etc. Start talking to your audience.
  • Check what is trending, what is working.
  • Be flexible
  • Be smart enough to know where to use it in what format
  • For boring topics - Start adding more visuals and be creative
  • Be authentic, candid, unfiltered, Real on any social media platform to get clients and collaborations
  • Two most important and underrated skills: Networking and Observing
  • Use crisp information
  • Practice a lot to get in front of the camera and talk to people

Platforms to use to Kickstart your Storytelling career

  • Twitter: You can learn both Storytelling and Copywriting on Twitter because you have to convey your messages in few words (You can get lots of leads from Twitter)
  • Instagram, especially Instagram Reels
  • LinkedIn: You can talk about your domain

So that was all from my notes of the first session I hosted. I hope it was valuable for you. :)

Let me know more topics that you’d want to hear about.


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