What is it like to attend a vipassana Course?

Give it a read if you wanna know about the 2500-year-old technique of meditation. Which used to be 3 months now converted to 10 days for the modern world.



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It is 2020 I lost my job and I'm home with my family watching "Ramayan" and covid news. Things got better around July and august and my mother suggested attending this 10-day meditation technique which is 2500 years old and is called vipassana. What comes to your mind when you hear the word meditation? Chanting "OM" or doing something with your breath?

After Registering on their free and official site they don't charge anything for this although after completing this course you can donate some money if you want. I selected the date slot and center. When I first visited the center it was located in a remote village in Bilaspur city. The campus was clean and full of greenery everywhere.

The first day goes as usual with instructions about the further 10 days because after that you are not allowed to communicate with anyone not even yourself. Your cell phone and any gadget you have with you will be sealed and submitted to the authority. And you'll get your items only on the last day once the course is ended(Not in between) but emergencies are exceptions. You cannot leave the campus before the course ends, Once again emergencies are exceptions. So the thing is you just have to eat, sleep, meditate and repeat straight ten days. Sounds scary right? But this was the best gift I have ever given to myself. It's like washing up your mind and soul or like a social detox also the food you get there is "Sattvic Food" Which is simple and healthy. They advise you not to eat more than 80% of your total appetite.

Daily routine starts with a small bell at 4 AM for group meditation till 7 am after that you'll get a 1-hour break for freshening up then you can have your breakfast and rest for another hour. After that again it's a 4-hour session of group meditation. After that, you'll get a break for an hour followed by lunch. From the 5th day, they send you to a meditation room which is roughly a 3'x3.9" dark room specially designed to focus. You may be asked to meditate alone in your room or the hall, during this you can discuss with the instructor. Snacks are offered in the evening followed by a break, they show a video that tells more about the reasons behind all the rules of this technique and its history. At the end of the day, there is group meditation in the hall followed by a question session and you can now retire to your room at exactly 9:30. You may be thinking that I forgot to mention dinner right? But I haven't they don't offer that. As it is advised not to eat anything after sunset. But honestly, you will not feel hungry because you don't have to do any physical work.

On the last day, you can now communicate with everyone. Now you will get your gadgets back with advice to practice meditation every day for an hour. Also, you can buy some books from there or donate some money to them so that more people can attend this course. It feels great on the 10th day. I recommend everyone to attend this course once in a lifetime.


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