Make an Azure file share and connect using Windows

Azure File Share - Step by Step


Lasantha Sanjeewa Silva

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Login to the Azure portal and create a storage account.

Azure Portal Storage Account Dashboard

Create a storage account and a new resource group. Use Storage account names as a unique name. other things used as default. next hit the review button. after that complete review hit create button.

Create Storage Account

Review Storage Account Creation

Next, you can see your resources are created message. next, go to inside resource and click the file share tab.

File Shares Tab

Click the new file share button and create a file share. Give the name for file share and select the default tier as Transaction optimized. Finally hit create button.

New File Share

Next, go to the previously created file share you can see the following.

Created File Share

Create a .txt file inside the windows machine. and upload in the azure portal finally you can see this.

Windows File Make

Upload File

Uploaded File

Go to the azure portal and click the file share connect button. Use windows and click the show script button. Assign a drive letter and copy script.

Show Script

Next copy the entire script and paste it inside the windows power shell.

Windows Power Shell

Now you can see it inside your computer like this.

File Share

Now you can use this file share. Next, you can edit the file share .txt file. You can see your file is updated in the azure portal.

File Updated

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