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A glimpse on artificial intelligence.


Kelvin Fosu

3 months ago | 3 min read


Can you explain the concept of artificial intelligence?

The evolution from manpower to steam engines etc to the era of Cognitive computing where the computer acts and mimics/ thinks like the human brain. So, therefore, a computer/ machine should exhibit intelligence identical/ likened to that of humans.

What are some of the applications of artificial intelligence in technology?

AI is unknowingly used by a large percentage of the world in our daily activities especially our interactions with some apps like google maps, Snapchat, Gmail, Uber, Facebook, and the likes and using other products and services of the GAFA ( Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) and Microsoft.

What are the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence?

The benefit of AI is that it can smartly solve problems quickly provided that during the AI lifecycle, it wasn’t influenced by factors like bad data or biased data.

For example, there’s an offshore oil company that would have taken decades to solve a particular problem but the infusion of AI solved it in 2 to 4 days. Which company wouldn’t like to take advantage?

I also think there would be reduced depression and deaths especially with the advent of social chatbots that mimic human interactions given that humans are social beings.

Notwithstanding the positive sides, poisoning the AI with wrong data would be a threat especially in the health sector where there is a false prediction like someone has some sort of cancer which isn’t so is a bad situation no one would like to find him/herself and that is why a professional should be involved in the model’s lifecycle process to mitigate unfairness and encourage explainability and traceability of models predictions/ inferences.

Job loss is one key thing when AI is infused in automation/ robots and other services. We’ve heard of companies laying off thousands of workers because they introduced AI in their production line and companies collapsing because AI is changing the way things are made and done.

How is artificial intelligence evolving?

Ai is evolving at a very great speed, I may say at an astronomical speed and it does that by intelligently learning to optimize human systems from education, transport, health, and to doing other sophisticated operations that wouldn’t have been possible given the limited abilities of humans.

Are there categories of artificial intelligence? If yes, what are they?

Yes, there are.

Artificial Narrow intelligence-ANI which performs one task like Siri and the likes, Artificial General intelligence-AGI which performs intelligently any tasks as humans. And Artificial Super Intelligence -ASI which is thought to be smarter than the combined intelligence of everyone including the most intelligent people ever to have lived on this planet.

What are some of the myths about artificial intelligence that you think must be dispelled?

Ai will take over every job. I think humans are very creative and can easily adapt to new ways of doing things, humans can always create new job avenues.

The end of the world, I don’t think ASI would mean the end of the world especially when ASI learns to coexist with humans just like our pets do with us. (Compliment humans)

Do you think artificial intelligence is generally a threat to the human race?

No in some aspects but Yes, in many ways especially when it becomes too powerful such that it becomes conscious about itself and at that time we would have achieved the Artificial Super Intelligence -ASI which is thought to be smarter than the combined intelligence of everyone including the most intelligent people ever to have lived on this planet.

I think this is an issue people should be much concerned about and I presuppose that all parties and experts involved must have some regulations such that it doesn’t fall in the wrong arms, the ethical use of AI


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