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The Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is fairly simple. If your business is selling a product or service you need customers to find your digital storefront easily on the web. Here are the basics of SEO to help your business and social media accounts be seen and heard by the audience you're trying to reach.


Kathy Husser

11 days ago | 2 min read

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Basic Search Engine Optimization or SEO is straightforward. Here are some simple tips to get your website and social media recognized. These strategies work and will help you.

Be Consistent

According to LinkedIn Learning you need your name to be public on all the top social media platforms. Those top five are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as of this writing. If there is more than one person with your name, make the URL the same across all platforms. This allows searching easier for Google and Bing. For example, use your last name first, then first name to create a unique account. Try to avoid the underscore icon _ which is difficult to see. Avoid catch phrases that will not stand the test of time. Simple and consistent is the best sign on for each account.

Fresh Content

Next, you need to add fresh content to your feeds on a consistent basis. Whether sharing an article, photo, or update authentic content counts. Keeping your platforms fresh and updated every 3–6 months is also important. This means updating your personal profile, background photos, and hashtags as needed routinely.

New content brings new followers and engages your current audience. Furthermore, think about a “theme” or brand for your accounts. Accounts that are successful share work-related information, selfcare, or other special interests, like pet information. Keeping content focused on your niche will draw other potential audience members to your account.

Beware of Copyright

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Sharing and providing credit or retweeting others’ posts is okay. Posting content as your own is not. Be mindful of copyright laws and the impact you will have if you purposefully post someone else’s content. It’s better to ask permission than to just move forward with a post. This includes photos, pins from Pinterest, and other uncredited material.

Double Up Your Efforts

Besides the top five listed above, be sure to investigate Goodreads, Elephant Journal, and Tumblr if you love to read, write, or take photos. Flickr is another great public platform to host your photos for free. You can post photos later from the Flickr site and set the permissions for other’s use of your photos. Engaging on all platforms with likes, comments and replies are important to promote your brand and engage your audience.

Remembering that consistent, fresh content will draw the largest audience to your sites is key. Have fun, be positive, and learn from others in your social media circle.

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