How To Become A Freelance Copywriter (straight from day 1)

If you are looking to start a freelance copywriting business, this article is for you.

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a year ago | 7 min read

I sound optimistic, if I say copywriting is the best business, but it's true.

Because every business on earth needs a copy.

Whether you are familiar with copywriting or not, think of it as written words for business communication and making sales.

Social media posts, websites, emails, and all the written words it has done by one copywriter.

Copywriting is one of the best businesses that allow you to get paid nothing more than a laptop.

You don't need high-tech software, Photoshop for graphics, or Filmora for video editing. All you need is a simple word document.

I never wanted to be a 9-to-5 worker, I wanted to travel and explore the cities, and hills. All thanks to my copywriting business have given me time and location independence.

I can honestly say if you are looking to start copywriting business, I think that's a pretty SMART move.

The List version of seven steps to build a freelance copywriting business.

  1. Get to learn
  2. Curate your offer
  3. Choose who you want to serve
  4. Copywrite for yourself first.
  5. Build your portfolio
  6. Find your clients
  7. Build your Library

One of the questions I often get asked is,

"How did I get into copywriting?

And I have to say that I was a little bit lucky because I stumbled into the whole writing world when I had nothing to do.

Indeed, my goal of learning writing was inspired by Chetan Bhagat; it's a long story out of subject here, but in short... "Revolution 2020" was the first book I have ever read. That's where I got into the world of words.

I wanted to have fun, travel across different places, and get paid at the same time. And that's why I may get more attracted to content writing when I was searching to do something.

I had no idea that these types of careers existed.

I thought you could be a doctor, engineer, accountant, lawyer, or officer. but I get in the new world of copywriting felt like a gift.

I was able to hone my writing skill and learn how to Copywrite.

Because my start-up plan was getting rejected, you can say it almost failed.

And I had nothing except to learn new skills.

And LinkedIn makes it very easy for me. It gives me new friends with the same interests and connections with some of its experts.

So, because of enough time... I may can learn copywriting a little quicker.

I got to work studying many different courses and theories and read classic copywriting resources like...

"The copywriter's Handbook"

"Shortcut Copywriting secrets" and

"The Boron Letter by The Great Gary Halbert,"

and I just fell in love with it.

So, I was very, very blessed to have enough time and the ability to learn.

These few months of basic learning were a plus move for me.

when I started searching for the freelance project, I have a bunch of my own library of resources to start writing through this.

So that might be where you are right now.

Perhaps you've studied some courses,

Perhaps you want to get into it,

Perhaps you haven't done any of that yet,

And that's totally okay.

Before I share with you my 7 steps you need to take before starting your copywriting business... I want to break something,

That is a myth that...

To be a good copywriter,

1/ You have to go through classical trained writers' theories or

2/ You need to know an 'A' level of English and grammar knowledge.

I can tell you none of this is true.

All you need is curiosity, dedication, and passion for writing.

And with all 3, you layer on the frameworks, strategies, and human psychology, which is why I'm here.

So, if you are looking to start your copywriting business. Be sure to subscribe because I have plenty more articles coming your way.

With all that, let's move on to my 7 steps you need to take if you're starting your freelance copywriting business.


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