How can you become a successful HR manager?

This is the most visible department in any organization and with no surprise comes a large number of jokes that are being circulated.


Sujatha Gollapalli

3 years ago | 4 min read

An HR is definitely not the one liked by everyone in the organization and employees tend to refer HR as spooky long faced with a churlish voice who hires and fires peoplebecause many employees are still unclear about what exactly is the role of the HR department.

This is the most visible department in any organization and with no surprise comes a large number of jokes that are being circulated. After all, HR is the heart of the company and has a crucial role in the smooth running of the business.

Irrespective of all this, I would say the HR profession is immensely satisfying and the sheer joy that one gets in this particular role cannot be measured in monetary terms!

Needless to put, HR is the dream profession for many out there too. Are you also one amongst those aspiring HR professionals? Then you are on the right page!

Here are 8 Tips to Help You Become a Successful HR:


HR is said to be the employer representative and to successfully run a business requires a cordial relationship between employee and employer. Happy workplace helps to get the best out of every employee and it would result in the best performance. HR is responsible to maintain peace within the organization by creating a strong effective work environment.

Employee and people management is one skill every HR should develop. Each employee should be addressed with the utmost dignity and on a professional scale. Never show tantrums to your team.


You are supposed to act swift and timely. Hence it is important to be organized and has quick access to any of the data requested by the manager. You cannot miss on an employee hike or promotion and are intended to be sent to be the employee on a stipulated date.

Time management and record keeping are the key skills you need to master to sustain and be successful in this profession. Timely responses from the HR team are bound to improve employee satisfaction with the company. Additionally, you should be well aware of the company policies before referring to the documents each time.


It is one vital skill any HR needs to develop as you interact with people of different levels in an organization. Be it via phone, email or in-person communication should be effective and professional.

You need to create a healthy environment for the employees such that they can walk into your cabin anytime to discuss their problems and issues while you ensure a solution. Nonetheless, to mention, HR should be a “go to person” for every employee in the organization.


‘To err is human’ yet it is not applicable to HR professionals. Yes, your work should be flawless and cannot be unclear or give vague or approximate details. You are expected to be specific and clear. Whether it be while discussing CTC, hike, budget, contract terms, or interview time.

No matter what, being precise in all terms is the secret mantra to be successful. HR should be a focused and disciplinary individual within the organization, anyone would love to be.


HR professionals tend to hear a lot of criticism that they are safe game players, diplomatic, get lots of free time! Employees assume that your role is just that of a management secret agent. Never let such talks break you down nor show up your emotions.

But, it is important to manage your emotions and proceed professionally. Mismanagement of emotions and taking them too personal might lead to conflicts within the workplace.


Any decisions taken should be based on proper judgment, future forecast or based on performance. Never let your emotional quotient with a person come on your way while executing decisions on either hiring or firing an employee.

Any decision taken should be satisfied by both employee and employer and it should adhere to the company policies, standards and goals. In fact, one must refrain if anything beyond that.


HR is a confidant for both employer and employee hence should never let them down. You have all the confident details pertaining to the company which should never be disclosed. On the other hand, employees tend to discuss their personal issues.

Additionally, behaving in a trustworthy manner by maintaining transparency in communication helps in building a belief among employees. As such, the employees are assured that they will be protected if needed. This skill would develop gradually with years of expertise.

It is a primary responsibility to protect confidential information. Let it be any personal employee information, health condition of an employee, payroll information, performance review reports etc. Human resource department should ensure credibility and operational integrity and reinforce confidentiality at the workplace.


No job is a cakewalk and HR profession is no exception to that. HR is one such profession wherein you get to interact with many people and each day is learning in one form or the other.

You might be an HR by profession but you might need to switch roles and act as a therapist, coach, counsellor, or a friend to your team as and when required.  Anything more needed to feel accomplished with your job?

Needless to put, the efficiency of work we do as HR professionals enable employees and the overall organization to stay connected and reach the company’s objectives.


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