Becoming the Skillful Strategist: Can You See the Bigger Picture?

Chase your dreams confidently and use your wits accordingly


Kevin Jahleel Ishimwe

a year ago | 2 min read

Chase your dreams confidently and use your wits accordingly

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Strategizing is a skill difficult to master. An exemplary illustration of this concept that comes from the top of the head: is the game of chess.

It is a game that demands its players to think quickly, pan out alternative scenarios, and above all, visualize the bigger picture constantly – while understanding that it is okay to win the game with some battle wounds.

This realization detaches the player from reacting to every situation. On the contrary, it affords him a well-maintained poise to focus on his vision.

That’s power – to rise above your adversary’s ploys to get you out of your flow state. Flow state is like that distant relative we all know yet hardly frequent.

But we all enjoy its company when our conscience occasionally attunes to it.

Tending to the Inner Pearl: A Prayer of Clarity

When one becomes strategic, he can easily tap into that inner realm of faculties that enable him to maintain a healthy space between the ongoing changes and that inner-quiet guidance.

You must possess an otherworldly understanding that adequately equips the player with the necessary tools to navigate various dimensions of the game -- whether professional or personal.

It is an acquired skill; you must study it, tend to it, and nurture it. Just as a baby strenuously crawls before learning how to walk, you must equivalently persevere through those birth pains until it becomes internalized in your inner being.

That’s when the magic begins – when you find something of value within your heart that you can purely pursue to see it through fruition.

It has been a challenge for me this year as I helplessly found myself distracted from my passion for writing; my creativity started to painfully chip away. An enjoyable activity where I felt the calmest was becoming quite bothersome.

The good news is that it is not the end of the road when you find yourself in a similar plight – you can start again (someway; somehow) and keep pushing forward until it becomes second nature again.

Whatever it is -- that you have been slacking on lately, you can change that today by simply deciding to start.

Life faithfully is your wisest professor.

I am astounded each day by what life teaches me. I find these moments of introspection pivotal to ensuring the fruition of my dreams; I sincerely hope you appreciate your worth -- to make time for your gifts, even after your other professional and personal responsibilities.

Happy living, brave soul!


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