Benefits of linking your Magento 2 website with Amazon

A large part of your audience is still checking out products on Amazon, and there is no denying that Amazon remains to be a giant in the world of eCommerce. To achieve the best results, increase revenue, and reach a huge audience, it is prudent to link your Magento eCommerce site to Amazon. By linking your Amazon account with the Magento website, you’ll observe an increase in profits and efficiency levels.


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Benefits of linking your Magento 2 website with Amazon

Integrating Magento and Amazon would result in more reach and bigger sales. It enables you to synchronize listings, prices, and orders between your Magento 2 store and Amazon without demanding changes in basic operational functionalities.

The integration proves to have many business-boosting benefits:

  1. Is a time saver

Instead of managing two different platforms separately, the integration allows you to upload your products and manage your inventory from one dashboard. It saves a significant amount of time by making processes quicker and more efficient.

2. Increase visibility

The reach that Amazon provides is more wide and more far-reaching than your website can possibly manage. Amazon has millions of buyers/visitors daily that could be your potential viewers and lead to greater sales.

3. Saves money

Expanding your sales channel by integrating with Amazon is a cost-saving proposition as you can save a significant marketing budget. It also gives you the time to work on other strategies and improve upon the services of your existing website.

The integration enables you to easily create Amazon categories and their independent attributes on the Magento 2 store, thus leveraging easy product configuration and submission on There are multiple plugins or extensions in the market that help you in integrating your Magento store to Amazon. But before you zero in on the connector/ extension, it is essential to consider your present and future needs, especially keeping in mind the scalability of the platform.

A B2B eCommerce website truly needs the hour to streamline processes and offer a heightened shopping experience to retailers. It reduces the stress of managing an offline store by automating processes.

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