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Why kindness and empathy are your winning formula?


Allegue Wessim

3 years ago | 4 min read

This past 2 years I´ve been obsessed with the concept that building a business on values like kindness and empathy is the true success formula that no one is talking about.

Personally, it´s a vital part of the vision I´m currently pursuing. My goal is to build the biggest artistic collaboration platform while maintaining a fair environment. I want to build a place that makes a true impact on this world.

But truth is, that´s not how everybody sees it. The majority tend to perceive kindness and empathy as a weakness. These perceptions are often the reflection of their insecurities.

“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.” -Albert Schweitzer

That´s why they are wrong. Kindness and empathy come from a place of leverage and power. Being able to see the bigger picture and to relate with someone is one of the most praised soft skills of our era.

Now you can ask yourself: Can I maintain these standards when there is so much competition and up to 90% of startups tend to fail?

Is it gonna make a true impact on your business or your work environment?

I´m gonna cut the suspense short and tell you that yes it is the values that make you win over the long run and I´m giving you multiple reasons why nice people don´t finish last.

1- The Power Of Taking Action First:

You have probably already experience that in life. Sometimes when someone does a gesture of kindness or empathizes with us, we tend to feel like we owe him.

The same concept can be applied in business on many levels:

  • As an employer: Now when I first got my first employees, I was obsessed with being as flexible and empathic as possible. As I come from the creative industries, I´m persuaded that to get the best out of your employees you need to build a culture that will nourish their needs allow them to evolve
  • As an employee: Working for a blockchain gaming company, I realized how fun it was to be in a place where people care about results and gives you the freedom to succeed even if it meant that they were some mistakes. In an environment that allowed me to thrive, I was even working on weekends and off days sometimes.
  • As a freelancer: It helped me build solid long-lasting relationships with my clients as I always tried to give a bit more than what was asked and always tried to be as comprehensive and kind as possible.

Don´t get me wrong: I´m far from perfect and I make mistakes.

But I´m genuinely persuaded after analyzing different angles that you should become that person that takes action first. In more ways than one, it will benefit you.

2- The Power Of Karma:

Even if nothing happens in a short term this doesn´t mean that it never will.

Sometimes a simple word you say can change someone’s life. After a long period, that person you helped may become the CEO of a company, your most loyal customer or even best friend.

Being kind on a scale will also solidify your personal or corporate brand image but it shouldn´t be your aim.

Kindness should come from a genuine place where you expect nothing in return because in the long run either you are going to get bored or to be perceived as fraud using people’s emotions.

One of the ways I´m trying to give back with is my writing. I´m putting ma best advice and sharing personal experiences that made me grow as a human.

Another one is by helping small artists monetize their art for free. This allowed producing a track with over 30 artists around the world with 0$ invested. I got as well some call to actions and shoutouts when those same artists became micro-influencers.

3- The Power Of Understanding:

Understanding the behavior of someone is like playing a game with tutorials. If you understand his triggers, you can navigate your way to get the best of him.

While understanding is in part caring, it is far more than that as it requires you to connect with people on a much deeper level.

Here´s where you can use this power

  • Communication: A big mistake I made and so many people are making is the fact they are communicating what they can do for their customers. A big reason why this strategy fails is the fact you don´t relate to your customers. A person is far more engaged when he reads, hears or sees problems that he can relate with.
  • Customers: Jeff Bezos is preaching since the 90´s the notion of customer experience. If we understand what, how and why a customer wants his product, we can create the best customer journey that will ensure your success.
  • Sales: The greatest salespersons relate with their customers and create insanely fast emotional bonds with their clients. Listening and choosing the right words is key in accomplishing any sales.

I´ll wrap up by saying that it is the trend of the new decade and bing brand are already adopting. But this shouldn´t be why you should strategize around kindness and empathy, as those 2 concepts can truthfully make a change to this world


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