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Rajib Baroi

4 months ago | 4 min read


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The samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g this phone is on sale at the time of this video i'll have links down in the description if you want to check it out for yourself the I'llis 1200 which yes is very expensive but for what it's worth it is 200 cheaper than the last generation galaxy s20 ultra so of course we have a couple compromises we also have some improvements , in all i am super ofto check out this phone we're just going to go ahead and jump right into the unboxing since this Phone parts has already been reviewed by theIbig tech reviewers since they receive phones for free from samsung two weeks in advance first thing you can see the box is very thin very skinny so that is because we do not have a charging brick this year very unfortunate if you ask me personally but seeing what we dois actually get in this box we have a sim ejection tool have our general paperwork we're just going to dismiss that standard usb type c to type c charging cable but that's it for the unboxing these unboxings become less and less exciting the exciting part here is the s21 ultra first look here let's get rid of this paper wow that is amazing oh my goodness I was freaking out at the s20 ultra last year this is even better because it has the matte finish.

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And i just absolutely love the matte finish that is coming to all these phones lately Ion the channel I am so happy that samsung is just fully embracing it just getting a first feel here man this is the best matte feel I've ever had on the Phone LCD parts i've always given credit to the iphone on their 11 pro max and the 12 pro max that had such a great feel on it this is honestly better i hope it's not too slippery it does feel kind of slippery you might end up putting a case on this anyways but here we are folks galaxy s21 ultra and here's a close-up of the glorious camera array here we'll jump into all those cameras later i really like what samsung did here with the camera array it's more so blending into the phone better it's just an overall much better aesthetic in my opinion compared to the s20 ultra it's just kind of like its own separate module and it was really in person it just really looks ridiculous i mean this is still insane too in person but i just like that it kind of molds into the phone it does still have a bump so if we look at this here from the other side you can see there is still a bit of a bump and in my initial hold here you do kind of feel that bump still when you have your index finger on the phone that's no different from the note 20 s20 ultra but just first impressions here of the overall look this thing is a beast first impressions here in the hand it is very hefty it feels quite heavy it's gonna be the beefiest phone pretty much on the market taking a quick tour now of the s21 ultra we have our power button and volume rockers on the right side and it's a very good spot.

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I'm not having to reach up like on the s10 plus so it's a perfect fit here to get to that power button on the top we just have a couple mics here that you can see that camera array is sticking out from the top as well see how it's kind of morphing into the phone and then on the right hand side especially you're going to see how it just molds into the phone itself overall i like that aesthetic on our left side here we have nothing and then on the bottom here we have one of our two speakers we have our type c charging port we have a mic and then we have our sim tray but something you'll notice here is that we just have the sim tray there's no micro sd card slot for me personally it's not a complete deal breaker but i'm sure you're gonna hear a lot of people down in the comments and just anywhere online that that is a deal breaker for them so you just have to decide whether or not that's a deal breaker for you but enough talk let's go ahead and jump in to the s21 ultra so the first thing i noticed right away is that on the top and the bottom it looks like similarly sized bezels which just makes for an overall nicer viewing experience in my opinion so i'm gonna go ahead put all my information in the phone here and then we can take a deeper dive here at the s21 ultra super excited about this phone so far all right.

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