The Best IDE & Code Editor for Python

There are many IDEs & Code Editors for Python. but choosing the one that fits your needs is difficult. In this post, I'm gonna talk about features of The Best Python IDEs & Code Editors for python.


Samradh Bhardwaj

2 years ago | 3 min read

There is a huge variety of Python IDEs and Code Editors. Choosing the one that fits your need has become too difficult. In this article, I will show the features of popular IDEs & Code Editors so you can choose accordingly. I have made a list of Top 4 Python IDEs and Code Editors. Here they are.


Pycharm is the best IDE among others. It has many features like code debugging, plugin marketplace, git integration, collaboration coding with the "Code with Me" plugin by Jetbrains. Pycharm has every feature you need, but also it is slower than others because it has many features which make it heavier. here are images of Pycharm's User Interface. Pycharm is used by many big companies like Udemy, Trivago, Bepro Company, Alibaba Travels & more 840 big companies use this

When Coming to Pycharm Pricing Plans, Pycharm has a community version & a professional version. Pricing starts from $8.90/month. You can also get a free 1-year subscription if you are a Student or Teacher. Pycharm community has many features but Pycharm Professional has Scientific Toolkit which helps when you Pycharm for Data Science.

Jupyter Notebook

Next on the list is the Jupyter Notebook. Jupyter Notebook is a Web-Based Code editor. Jupyter Notebook is widely used for research purposes because it allows users to write documentation along with the coding. Jupyter Notebook allows you to run code line-by-line by allowing you to write code in different cells. Here is a look at the notebook.

The interface is so simple and easy to understand. it starts with a menu at the top with common features like Create New Notebook, Open Notebook, etc. Below that, there is a toolbar to run, pause, re-run, duplicate the code &, etc. Down that, there are code cells, where we write the code. You Can switch from code cell to markdown cell from the dropdown menu in the toolbar.

Google Colab

Moving next to Google Colab, Google Colab is developed by Google. it is mainly designed to run TensorFlow Machine Learning Models in the Cloud. Colab Notebook is a jupyter notebook but runs in the cloud. Colab allows you to take advantage of Faster CPUs, GPUs, and Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) for free. Colab also has premium plans where you can take advantage of More Faster Hardware Accelerations. Plans starting from $9.99/month. Google Colab actually worth a try.

Spyder is a fully functional Scientific IDE for Python made on Python's PYQT5 module. Spyder has a great interface which makes it more useful than other IDEs. It is included with the Anaconda installation. it has every feature that you need as a Data Scientist. it includes line-by-line code running, plots within the IDE, capabilities to display datasets, documentation for every function or object of a module. There are several versions of spyder which vary according to the change in the interface over time.

That's it for today. Choosing the best IDE or Code Editor is on you. I will come up soon with another new interesting article.

Thanks, Samradh Bhardwaj


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