How the Best Leaders Keep Their Energy High

We all have tired days, even those leading us towards our goals. So here are three ways you can keep high energy whilst leading others at work.


Tavian jean-pierre

3 years ago | 4 min read

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

We have all been there, right? We have had two coffee’s, it is still the beginning of the day, and we are still tired. And I am sure many of us have spent the afternoon looking at the clock waiting for home time.

On these days, the energy appears to leave us. For most of us, we may be able to pinpoint the problem. One example is not having enough sleep. However, sometimes these days occur for no reason at all. The motivation to do anything is sucked out of us.

Although it is normal to feel like this, as leaders, it can be hard to express. After all, your team look to you for their energy, and your attitude can change the day. So leaders are left with a problem.

Yes, we should be open and honest with our team, but we should not be demotivated by the work either? So we must find a way to be fully charged when it comes to the work we do.

To be 100% clear, I am not saying that leaders can not have tired days. We are only human, and these days will happen. However, the work we do must not demotivate us, no matter how we feel. That is because we are the ones who set the vision and push our team forward towards it.

The best managers I have worked with have always been dynamic and energetic. They always seem up for a challenge and tend to have more energy than me.

So, here are the three strategies I have seen used to get them back to full charge.

Get Someone Else to Say Your Why

Some of the best leaders I have had have implemented this small tactic. They are often sitting in a meeting room, not looking motivated to do anything. Whilst the meeting is going on, they are quiet and appear to be disengaged.

Then out of nowhere, they stop the meeting and ask:

“Sorry, I am a bit tired today. Can you remind me why this task is being done?”

By asking this question, the leader is honest about their current state and allows the team to lead them. Once the reason for the task is presented, the leader finds their energy again. They start suggesting ideas, and it is almost like the tiredness disappears.

Being reminded of the why behind anything can re-energise you. People who lose energy tend to disconnect from the purpose behind the task they are doing first. They may feel like it is not adding enough value or forget the initial reason for doing it.

As a result, the task looks pointless, and therefore they lose the will to carry it out. So, if you ever feel like you are losing energy, get one of your team members to remind you of the vision you had at the start.

Change Your Role for a Short Time

Like everything in life, our tasks can become mundane. Even though leadership is something you are passionate about, constantly repeating it can lead to burnout.

Therefore, a change of scenery and task can re-energise your leadership. By completing something outside of the scope of your day job, you are less likely to lose the energy you once had for your vision.

I have found that taking a break from leadership and stepping away from my desks is helpful. Using a notepad and pen instead of a computer is also a great way to change your scenery. In this time, I often think up things I would like to know from other departments, new ideas for the organisation and more.

I steer away from carrying out any task to do with my day job. It is to ensure that when I get back, I am fully charged for it.

I even found that doing small tasks for my team members can help me too. Although these jobs are considered “non-leader like”, they give me a break from all the other things I do.

Changing your scenery regularly and your role now and then can help the charging process. It allows you to take a productive break from your vision and goals to come back to them with fresh eyes.

Seek New Opportunities

Finally, it is not every day we get the opportunity to be part of something new and innovative. We often forget that there are loads of things going on around us that may spark our interest.

Leaders rarely get the time to seek out new projects or proposals that could interest them, far less be involved. However, the action of searching and finding opportunities can leave you energised.

Sometimes when browsing the web, I come across stories of resilience and kindness. Yes, these are not opportunities, but they give you the same feeling of awe and happiness.

Finding opportunities in and outside of your company gives you an appreciation for the visions around you. It encourages you that there are all kinds of leaders out there pursuing a unified goal. And that is making the world a better place.

By taking a short break to seek out these opportunities, you recharge your battery. Seeing the great work of others can encourage you to do the same in your pursuits.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this article has provided you with new ways to recharge and stay full of energy as a leader. It would be great to hear any other things you do to ensure you remain energetic every day.

You must remain passionate and energised for the work you do. It is your vision and goal, and you are accountable for ensuring it becomes a reality.


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