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The BEST piece of advice my mother gave me (and she imparted lots of great ones!)

A message primarily aimed at females.


Cassandra Lister

3 months ago | 1 min read


I adore my mother. I miss not being able to see her as often as I would like. Living in ‘Quarantine Camp City’ i.e. Hong Kong, means that I haven’t been able to visit her more regularly. She lives in Vancouver. It seems like a distant memory….those years when I saw her 2–3 times per year.

My mother is uber cool. She was never a helicopter mum (having seven children may have helped! 😂). She never puts pressure on any of her children or grandchildren to visit her. It’s always ‘When you have time, darling, I’d love to see you’.

This doesn’t mean that I didn’t rebel as a teenager. Fortunately, I can’t claim to have EVER been escorted home by the police after a wild night out. Think they might have had this scare (several times) from my brothers.

As a parent myself, I often think of the sage advice my mother used to give me. How many times did I roll my eyes?!! As if I knew more than she did. Why are teenagers/young adults so cocky?! Rites of passage?

A recent, personal event triggered much soul-searching. This event, along with (also) missing my twin teenagers (whom I also adore!) 😍 because they left Hong Kong last summer and are now doing their university studies in Vancouver, has given me more time.

❇️ ❇️ ❇️

We often say to each other….”You deserve to be HAPPY”. “You deserve HAPPINESS”. But is this the right thing to say? To aim for? Happiness is
a fleeting feeling.

I posted this on LinkedIn and Meta this week .



The best advice my mother gave me when I was growing up, was to ensure I became financially independent. Meaning… not rely on someone else (specifically a spouse or significant other). Ensure I have ongoing skills and knowledge to earn my own money.

This was (still is) the most valuable piece of advice my mother gave me. And
it is one that I drum into my daughter (not that she needs reminding), however, LOVE can blind us into making stupid decisions. Only two things in life are guaranteed……death and taxes.


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