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Small scale companies are a juggle of lots and lots of stuff into it, you will find yourself busy throughout if you own any newborn company, and things became more panic if you have to play multiple roles at the same time.

Nurturing an infant baby and marketing a small-scale company both require easy hand care with gentle reminders of what to feed/post, how to make consistency, and lot many other things we will be looking at throughout this blog journey.

We all are very much known with the fact that almost all person is in hand with mobile phone and surf over social media, wheels do ‘not stops here, the actual thing is that people are waiting to hear from you to make choice between the number of service providers. Matter of fact is how you present, to make difference.

For a small business, it is always recommended to have one-to-one interaction or can say business to client direct interaction, approaching a community or individual really make sense for small business, but the problem here is, is it possible to reach each individual as indirect contact?

Of course NO, here social media and its impact came into the picture, there are different platforms and each has its one specialty .but common between all is these platforms connect you with your interested customer and this can be beneficial in conversion rate.

Let’s deep dive into the social media world and take out the Perl that best suits the chain of your small business.

Fiery five social media platforms for small business

If you are a complete novice, with zero experience, do not worry we the team of Rayna technologies offers the best service for social media marketing and gets clear all your doubts in no time.

The first step towards marketing is to go to doors and knock so that it get opens to you, then only anything makes sense. In the digital world “opening gate” means having an account on different social media platforms with a professional user name that complements your brand, so that it will be easy for your clients to find you on web and make benefits from both ways.

Once you are done with creating business accounts on different platforms like, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, you are ready to share services.


One of the top-ranking social media platforms with a huge group of the user which increase on daily basis, the best part is these users are from different domains which make easy to find your target customers .connecting people in small business is a top priority irrespective of what you serve. this platform finds that in an organic manner as well it makes a path for users also to reach you by sharing, liking, and commenting.

An individual who is interested can join your official pages and get notified of coming events, be sure that you have to provide real as well, well-organized content to customers.

Anything excessive of limit is harmful” this says best describe the consistency of post over Facebook. Be specific and consistent. Consistency never means bursting one out of another; it simply means there should be a fair gap between two occurrences.

Linkedin links long term

Linking business to business and being a leading platform in the professional world is an identity of LinkedIn .this platform is known for very long and getting billions of users to date and increasing on daily basis.

Small business has a fair corner in LinkedIn which I mean; a small business requires support, not just financial but also mentoring. On LinkedIn, you will get many experienced people of each domain, use your official page/id, and get in touch with them.

Posting content related to your business requires a bit more professional content, generally, people follow you to know inner information (not privacy one just casual which enhance people’s knowledge) to make them aware of the development phase of your business.

Consistency in post can be made a less frequent but the efficient one, taking gap period of 5-7 days is pretty much accepted as well help to be in the eye of peoples. Sharing is caring” we all know right so make your trusted employees your brand ambassador and take advantage of their connection without making the hectic work of resharing the whole day.

Twitter turns for small business

This platform we all aware with, not as the user may be but due to controversies or conversion rate out of this .mostly all brand people gather over here to share their brand values .you can find your space here by interacting with moderate level companies, which will help you to cross stairs and make connections.

Post length is limited on Twitter although it gets increased a few years back still limits are there. Make sure your post must have dedicated core elements which easily convey a message to users.

Well it’s became an ocean of tweets in just a second and to float over another, you must have to post continuously every day and hour, this will increase the chances of your business’s visibility.

Instagram for gram generation

Small scale company requires innovation and uniqueness to build level upon level, and no one except the new generation can make things easy for you .from a survey it is found that approx. 88% of youth have an Instagram account with active status.

There are multiple options to present over here such as posts and stories. post can be like image, videos, Gifs with text caption .in story you can make it as innovative as you can, this can be done on daily basis for the purpose of marketing, as it lasts long for 24 hours. You also don’t have to wait for feedbacks long, one can create a poll or feedback section elated to your business and can get quick interaction with end customers.

Posting content on Instagram as a small business profile requires being consistent thought like if you start with 3 posts a week and suddenly go off they can decrease in your followers.

YouTube for your business

I think no one will deny the fact that whenever we find anything complex surf videos related to that because it has been proven by science that visuals carry more memory than reading.

Small scale businesses have the privilege to start with a YouTube channel with maybe some drawbacks, and gradually look after that and improve them. I bet you on this people will start getting attracted towards as well they find your business growth as motivation and a topic to talk about which ultimately increase chances of getting more and more customers.

Posting on YouTube must contain an explanation over a topic because most users search for “how to “ and supporting lines.

Being frequent posting can make things better for your channel as well as traffic generation.


A big firm initiates with a small one if we focus on little one growth will surely come in near future. To handle with care there are some prominent platforms in the world of social media that will never make you down , these include, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on.
If you are planning to hire social media marketing expert, Rayna Technologies is here to promote your business on social media.


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