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What is a lightning network?

When bitcoins are being transferred, the sellers will have a doubt in successful transactions and it’s a timely process. In order to overcome that,the lightning network is used which enables quicker exchange of bitcoins without any delays. It is the second layer protocol operating on the bitcoin blockchain to perform faster and small payments.A Bitcoin Lightning Network channel is a two-party transaction method in which parties can make or receive payments from each other. Layer two enhances the scalability of blockchain applications by managing transactions outside the blockchain mainnet (layer one), while still benefiting from the mainnet’s powerful decentralized security paradigm. 

Bitcoin Lightning Network Development for Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Bitcoins are still the evergreen cryptocurrency bought and used globally in spite of altcoins divergence. People prefer exchanges for buying or selling bitcoins instantly. Imagine an exchange letting the users wait for 3 hours to complete the transactions. But the user is debited with money but not receiving bitcoins for 3 hours. Sounds frustrating right? That’s why the lightning network is introduced in exchanges for instant approval and settlement.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Development for Crypto Wallets

People use wallets to hold their bitcoins to earn the profit, trading with it and also selling it. Due to delay and fluctuation in wallet transfer, Bitcoin transactions and other activities based on bitcoins are getting deviated back. If lightning networks are adopted in wallets, these disadvantages are brought to an end and successful involvement of bitcoin activities can be made.

The future of Lightning networks:

As it offers a number of benefits, Lightning Network adoption is noted to be increasing at a rapid pace. Reports of DappRadar state that there is over $110 million in Bitcoin locked into the Lightning Network.If Lightning Network adoption continues to grow, the industry can expect more wallet developers to integrate Lightning Network support.Cryptocurrency exchanges are also starting to support the protocol, bringing the Lightning Network to as many traders as possible. Exchanges that integrate the Lightning Network allow traders to withdraw smaller amounts of Bitcoin cheaply and instantly.Without the Lightning Network, users may suffer from high transaction fees and wait times due to Bitcoin’s traditional technology.

Why hivelance for Bitcoin Lightning Network Development project?

The lightning network transactions per second is approximately 1 millions transactions. Our blockchain professionals excel in designing lightning nodes that connect main blockchain networks and lightning systems efficiently without lag. We at Hivelance, with 10+ years specialized professionals in blockchain technology, leverage lightning networks for your crypto-wallets, as wallets are the integral part of cryptocurrencies, mainly in the trading/exchange part. Make your business grow with quicker and safer transactions with our Bitcoin Lightning Network Development.Being the topmost Bitcoin lightning network development company, we enclose certain vital specialities and they are:

  • 20+ crypto projects delivered
  • Highly skilled crypto & blockchain professionals
  • 24/7 assistance for customers
  • Superfast project rendition
  • Specialized testing panels
  • Implementation of latest ideologies
  • Quality assurance team

Bitcoin Lightning Network has been widely used so adoption is very easy because the lightning network infrastructure already exists. Because the application is used in the second layer, payments using lightning are very fast and cheap. 

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