How Blue Prism RPA Implementation Unlocks Greater Efficiency for Enterprises

Blue Prism RPA software automates time-intensive business processes with significantly less investment and quicker bot deployment.


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At present, organizations are rapidly modernizing their existing business processes, looking at innovative trends and methodologies to stay competitive in the market. One such highly adopted trend by enterprises across the world is digital transformation. To embrace a smooth digitization journey, companies should leverage various automation technologies that streamline business processes at large.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the most crucial automation technologies allowing organizations to boost business efficiency through modernization. Companies should implement a Cloud-based RPA tool with Smart Automation capabilities for enabling digital transformation and restructuring business processes. Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation is one such Cloud-based solution that can help businesses automate repetitive and complex processes with greater precision.

Introduction to Blue Prism RPA

Blue Prism is a UK-based technology provider. They are the leaders in constructing intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that allows enterprises to automate demanding processes. In a recent survey, around 2000 enterprises stated that by using Blue Prism RPA they created value with new ways of working and unlocked greater efficiencies. Blue Prism’s RPA software provides secure, smart, and reliable digital workers. Businesses can deploy this digital worker bots to automate mission-critical processes across teams and ensure better continuity.

In short, Blue Prism’s RPA software impeccably emulates multiple business processes around the clock. This platform helps organizations modernize processes without extensive customization of existing IT systems and infrastructure. By teaming up with the right Blue Prism Development company, enterprises can implement RPA software within their ecosystem and achieve a greater level of automation.

With Blue Prism RPA features, businesses can certainly restructure their processes at large. As mentioned earlier, Blue Prism RPA can be used by enterprises of all sizes, from SMEs to large-scale industries. For instance, sectors like banking & healthcare that rely profoundly on the social workforce can implement Blue Prism RPA for modernizing business processes and gain numerous benefits from it. Some benefits of Blue Prism RPA implementation include:

3 Features of Blue Prism RPA

  1. Drag and Drop Interface

Blue Prism RPA users can build visual process steps by easily dragging and dropping related modules onto the digital workspace. Then, applying user interface properties, they can modify those process steps into a visual workflow. Moreover, business users can use the recorder widget in the Blue Prism RPA software to build web-based workflows or an application.

2. Digital Availability

Teams or Business users can use the Blue Prism RPA software from any place, at any time, via any device, using a network connection and browser. Hence, the necessity to install and download huge software on every device and machine can be reduced significantly. This enables enterprises to shift from an app ownership model to an app access model, further lessening the total cost of ownership.  By eliminating the need for software installation & maintenance, Blue Prism RPA can help businesses achieve cost-effective automation.

3. Centralized Management

Blue Prism RPA’s centralized management servers offer businesses the ability to virtually regulate, monitor, schedule, model, and execute the digital worker bot deployment. It also enables business users to perform reviewing, analytics, and auditing of bots on the same platform. Since specific operations can be encoded into Blue Prism RPA platform using a rule-based process, enterprises can gain better control of business operations.

Moreover, enterprises can hire Blue Prism-certified developers from the right service providers to perform smooth bot deployment and experience a wide range of hyper-automation capabilities. The certified developers can easily deploy and monitor Blue Prism RPA bots from any place through Blue Prism’s RPA Orchestrator.

Benefits of Blue Prism RPA Implementation

  • Lesser Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Using Blue Prism RPA, enterprises can overcome the barrier to automation by organizing workflows and applications through the underlying Cloud infrastructure. Moreover, companies no longer need to spend huge upfront capital costs to build and maintain on-premise IT infrastructure. Rather, they can adopt the OPEX (operating expense) model and can regulate their investments easily as required. This approach reduces TCO for enterprises.
  • Greater Scalability – Being a highly scalable application, Blue Prism RPA enables enterprises to scale up or down deployments depending on the requirements. For example, to automate minimal processes, companies can start small by deploying a few numbers of bots and attain automation. When several business operations need to be automated, companies can deploy additional bots (scale-up) without concerning about any coding practices. When completed automating, enterprises can scale down the bots.
  • Reduced Operational Risks – Blue Prism RPA can extensively reduce operational risks by offering scalability, reducing inaccuracies, and improving compliance
  • Enhanced Analytics – Getting access to precise, accurate data from multiple sources would improve the quality of analytics in the process. This results in better decision-making.
  • Improved Productivity – Since Blue Prism RPA relieves the workforce from their repetitive tasks, they can focus more on customer relationship management, client communication, and other such practices which humans usually excel at.

Use Cases Of Blue Prism RPA

  • Banking

Blue Prism RPA solutions can help automate the manual tasks related to opening and closing customers’ bank accounts. For example, by deploying a Blue Prism digital worker bot for account creation, banking firms can automate customer data gathering and reduce the time taken for account creation. Similarly, the closing of customer accounts often involves several processes like manual revocation of direct debits, transferals of funds, etc. The closing accounts procedure can be automated by deploying a digital worker, which collects information and passes it along to be handled by a human worker.

Moreover, loan processing and validation processes can be automated by implementing Blue Prism RPA digital workers. RPA bots can capture data from loan application documents electronically, review it for accuracy, and genuineness, and then be directed to the appropriate system. As a result, RPA bots can generate a summary of information to enable bank staff to make appropriate decisions on the loan.

  • Customer Support

Customer service teams can greatly benefit from Blue Prism RPA implementation since it improves customer service by lessening back-office and administrative workloads. Blue Prism RPA bots modernize customer service by gathering and consolidating data across several systems, automatically updating customer records, and executing service requests. By allocating regular, time-consuming customer request processing tasks to RPA bots, enterprises can free up their customer support team to focus on user engagement rather than doing repetitive tasks. Implementing customer service RPA solutions also allows enterprises to launch new service models for their users and enhance productivity.

  • Supply Chain

By using RPA in Supply Chain Management, enterprises can experience around 43% time reduction in invoicing, handling data, inventory, credit, etc. By integrating Blue Prism RPA software with the supply chain management system, the workforce can get better visibility in tracking both shipments and vehicles. Besides, Blue Prism RPA software can automatically check and report shipment status to the logistics team and customers by tracking flows and extracting shipment information. This integration offers a new level of efficiency and eliminates several supply chain risks by minimizing human error.

Summing Up

In the digital era, organizations should adopt RPA solutions to achieve end-to-end automation and improve productivity. If the existing business processes or IT infrastructure are unproductive, then enterprises can consider implementing Blue Prism RPA tool to meet automation objectives. Blue Prism RPA platform can help organizations automate a range of tedious business processes quicker and more precisely. Overall, Blue Prism RPA is incredibly useful for organizations to stimulate the digital working ecosystem.


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