Bob Hutchins


VP of Digital- 5by5 Agency

With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Bob empowers 5by5 to expand its reach and broaden the services it provides to change makers across the world. As founder/former CEO of digital marketing agency The Buzzplant, he pioneered digital marketing for the music industry and eventually went on to make a significant impact in the movie and faith-based media markets by spearheading online campaigns for The Passion of the Christ, the Chronicles of Narnia and lots of other great films. After working with notable clients, including Disney, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Time-Life, Warner Brothers, General Motors, Thomas Nelson Publishers and Zondervan — Bob's excited to use his expertise to help equip change makers to do more good. Bob loves to write, teach, and communicate about the intersection of digital media, culture, psychology, and a restorative worldview.