How to Boost Your Sales Without Spending Too Much on Marketing

Warming them up before making an offer is the doorway to higher conversions


Nick Chai

2 years ago | 3 min read

When you walk towards a store, you’ll see glassed displays of hot-selling products. It’s how retail stores make you excited to buy.

Retail stores are masters of pre-selling. They sell you even more with discounts and deals. It’s hard to resist the urge to buy the moment you step into the store.

If retails can do it, there’s no reason you can’t do it online. Same concept, different platforms.

Pre-selling? What’s that?

In simple terms, pre-selling is the act of “teasing” or warming up your audience before making an offer. Whether it’s a sale or a sign-up, pre-selling helps you get more of it.

But there’s a catch. You need to do it right.

The psychology of pre-selling is pretty straightforward. People need to know if what they are about to buy or sign-up for will benefit them in any way. It’s the only thing all of us care about.

And your job, as a marketer or copywriter, is to communicate those benefits to them. Clearly.

Most businesses don’t do pre-selling right or ignore it altogether. Going straight into asking your audience to take action on your site rarely works in your favor. Studies on pre-selling by Autogrow prove my point.

How do you do it right?

Pre-selling the right way starts with the end goal. What do you want your audience to do at the end of your funnel? Is it an appointment booking? Or a sale?

Once you figure this out, work things backward.

Make sure to communicate your offer benefit right before the final call-to-action of your funnel. That’s the basic structure of pre-selling done right.

It could be offering an ebook and nurture your prospects with email marketing before making the offer. Or directing your prospects to a bridge page to pre-sell them your offer’s benefit before the sales page.

Your audience might take an extra step but it’s worth it. Because it’ll increase your conversions dramatically. Conversions are what truly matter in the end.

There’s one more thing you should include in your pre-sell process. It’ll take your persuasiveness to the next level. Adding it into your pre-sell page is like pouring gasoline to fire.

To make your pre-sell page impossible to ignore, it has to embrace the power of one — one message, one solution, and one offer.

One message

For example, a social media agency offers Instagram marketing for clothing brands. And they specialize in paid marketing strategies. Their message should all be about Instagram marketing and clothing brands.

One solution

Their main solution is boosting sales for clothing brands with a paid marketing funnel. They go through the awareness, consideration, action stages with high-value content. The strategy will bring consistent leads and customers on a monthly basis.

One offer

Whoever is interested in their Instagram marketing service has the option to book an appointment and talk with their rep. If both parties are a fit, the project proceeds.

The benefits

  1. Hands-off marketing that brings in sales on autopilot every month
  2. Potential to scale campaigns and bring in more sales while staying profitable
  3. Get full creative control so marketing materials stay on brand
  4. Done-for-you paid marketing strategies that convert prospects into customers effectively
  5. Seamless integration with day-to-day sales processes (works with schedule)

The doorway to higher conversion

Pre-selling is mostly about relevancy than selling. Once your audience resonates with your message, solution, and offer, they can decide if they want to invest in your business.

In a sea of competitions, relevancy is an effective strategy to capture attention and sell better.

Knowing the audience and providing tailored solutions is a superpower. Whoever mastered these two aspects will dominate the market. I vouch for that.

If you can take away something from this article, take this — standing in your audience’s shoes will contribute to better pre-sells and higher conversions.


Pre-selling your audience is crucial to your business’s success. In fact, it’s directly proportional to your sales. The better your pre-sells, the more sales you make. So be sure to dive deeper into your research to pre-sell your audience the way they should be pre-sold.


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