Brand Awareness Strategy for Digital Marketing

The importance of brand awareness for any kind of digital marketing strategy is absolute. Promoting a brand must always start with brand awareness campaigns.


Waheed Iqbal

3 years ago | 3 min read

“Before you can have a share of market, you must have a share of mind.” — Leo Burnett

What is Brand Awareness?

How many people know about your brand? The more the better. How many people can recall your brand or know about your products or services? Again the more the better. Marketing in general and now particularly in digital marketing, brand awareness is all about your brand recognition.

Do people known about it? Do people recognize its branding? Do people know what you do & why you do it? Brand awareness essentially refers to the level of recognition of your brand, products or services.

Telling who you are and what you do is important. But explaining why you do what you do is the real game. — Simon Sinek

The more people know about your brand the better it is for your marketing and ultimately for your business. In a sense, brand awareness is the initial communication that you conduct with your target audience. And first impressions matter a lot when it comes to trust building and long term customer relationships.

In marketing terms, brand awareness is the all important introduction of your brand personality. Explaining it in a truly unique and long lasting way is very important for your first brand impression in the market.

Keep it Simple & Clear

Marketing/advertising messages are directed at humans, and what humans want is simple & clear communication. Therefore, initial brand awareness messages should always be direct, clear and simple. Cluttered and confusing messages are only going to build a confusing brand image, therefore it is a must to clearly craft your initial brand messages.

Brand Awareness in Digital Marketing

There shouldn’t be any doubt that digital is the new mainstream. Marketing strategy in this day and age must be digital first. Same is true for brand awareness campaigns. With so many new opportunity for marketing online, considering a well thought out awareness plan can bring in huge results in a very short span of time.

A carefully crafted digital brand awareness strategy can bring in huge results in terms of brand recognition. On the other hand, the amount of flexibility available in budgeting your campaigns is also a great feature in the digital advertising landscape.

Engaging Content is the Key

Digital marketing is all about creating great content. This may sound simple but it is the most difficult thing in digital marketing, content that connects with your target audiences.

People consume content on a daily basis and they always want new and fresh content. It is just a matter of creating the right content for the right audiences. But again, this is the most difficult thing to execute in digital marketing practice. That is why, focusing on your content strategy is the key here.

Want more engagements? Think about video!

Another thing that is very important to consider while planning you brand awareness campaigns online is video content. Video is clearly far superior than any other content format online. Engagement rate on videos is always higher.

Therefore, it is always a great practice to keep your featured content in video before you start your online brand awareness campaign.

Strategy That Works

Promoting your brand in clear, simple language is the goal here. People should understand what you offer and why you offer it. Over complicating things is not recommended online.

Keeping it simple is harder than you think.

Following a simple plan to success is harder than you think. And the dynamics of digital marketing make it even more difficult. Patience, persistence and optimizations with a keen eye on analytics can help you flexibly manage your tactics, ultimately inching you closer to your set goals.

To put it simply, there is no single strategy for success when it comes to brand awareness online or even digital marketing in general for that matter. The number of variables at play while managing your campaigns can be overwhelming at times.

Therefore, it is essential to work hard and test things until you find the perfect tactical mastery for your advertising online.


Brand awareness is very important in digital marketing. Similarly, simplicity in your messages should be your top priority. Other things to consider are content format and tactical flexibility.

Always remember a successful strategy is nothing but fluid.


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