Brand Concept helps to create a more holistic experience for the consumers

Brand concept is the use of certain strategies and action plans that help create a unique experience



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Most upcoming brands are struggling to grow despite spending huge amounts of money on branding and marketing agencies. One of the many reasons for this is the ignorance of communicating the general idea behind the existence and working of their brand to their target audience. The importance of having a strong and unique brand concept is still an untapped grey area in the branding.

Building a brand concept will be a golden ticket to the success of such brands.

So, what is brand concept?

Brand concept is the use of certain strategies to create unique experiences and build customer engagement when they interact with the brand at various point of contacts mainly brick & mortar stores or websites.

In plain and simple words, it is the first thing comes to the customer’s mind when they hear about a brand. What the brand believes in, what it promises to them, and what they like about the brand’s products. All these small things that make the most impact.

These elements when taken care of by the brands, help them gain an edge over their competitors.

Brand experience is one of the most favorable aspects to emerge in customer research over the years. The kind of vibe that a brand has, the way it communicates and expresses its quality and vision with the customers helps a brand bridge the gap between what they promise in advertisements and what they really deliver.

Any successful brand should be able to pull off what they communicate and working on their brand concept, improves their chance to prove that to their customers.

What most brands are focused on these days are their design and their visual identity while the attention needs to incline towards customer engagement.

A prime example of a well-executed brand concept is one of the perfumery store in Paris. Their approach of customer engagement deals in providing a totally customizable experience where they help a customer choose their perfect fragrance through a guided process of elimination. This is done using a digital diagnostic tool that allows customers to answer a range of questions to help isolate the fragrances best suited to them.

Benefits of brand concept:

· Creates brand engagement

· Allows maximum association of customer with the product and the brand

· Helps a brand stand-out in the market and showcases the unique nature of the brand

A brand doesn’t require a breakthrough idea in order to create a unique brand concept.

All that is essential, is to find the single most notable thing about the product or service that makes them distinct and then build from there. To be able to identity that unique factor that distinguishes their product or service from others is the one and most important step for the success of any brand.

In this fast-paced world where the customer attention is minimizing every day, for any new brand to grow and for any established brand to sustain, their focus needs to shift from Traditional strategies to more Unconventional ones. The brands need to focus their branding approaches towards more innovative ways that blends both design and statistical strategies rather than just concentrating on ways influenced by design and visual stimulus.

To be able to think out of the box and come up with something that resonates your brand while creating a distinct and individual identity is the most important thing at this time in the market.

And there are certain branding agencies that have played a pivotal role in coming up with such unique approaches for brands.

Thus, brands should seek out assistance from professionals in branding agencies to wisely develop their brand concept and connect better with their customers.


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