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Everyone wants to work in an inspiring working environment. An inspiring working space not only...


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Everyone wants to work in an inspiring working environment. An inspiring working space not only increases the morale of the employees. It also increases the culture of the business. The HQ of any brand is the office. That is why the office should convey a message.

Here are the top office design tips for brand consistency:

Know Your Brand Values

People and brands are unique.

Tell people the story behind your public image.

The Personality of Your Business

Define the values of your brand before you begin any design work for display printing in your office space. You must know the DNA of your brand and what your brand stands for.

A Logo, Brand Color, and Slogans

Work all these things into your office design to maintain brand consistency of your business. Use consistency to build trust with your consumers.

Clearly Define Areas

Customers will not see some areas in your office. Also, your customers will not see some areas of your office the way your employees see them, so it is crucial to consider this as you design these areas.

Use your design to convey a message to your staff, and use a different design to convey a message to your customers.

Colour Schemes

Choose the appropriate colours for your office. Use branded colours in your office.

Again, you need to think of the message you want to convey and what you plan to use the area for.

Use strong branding in areas facing your customers and reception areas. Use corporate colours and testimonials. And show your clients the problems you solve and the products or services you offer.

Do not use plain white walls if you want to promote creativity in your staff areas. Do not use intense colours in a high-pressure environment.

Be Creative

Talk to your employees. Ask them to get involved.

Talk to experts. For instance, experienced and knowledgeable interior designers can help you.

As signwriters, we highly encourage our clients to use inspirational quotes, testimonials, and images on their walls.

Many people overlook the materials that you use to print the wording, logos, and images.

Will your work space look the same at all times?

Will you stay in your office/building at all times?

Do you want to redecorate?

Use removable, reusable, and repositionable materials to allow you to redesign and move with your décor.


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