What is Brand Experience and why is it important?

The Brand Experience is the sum of all sensations, thoughts, feelings and reactions that individuals have in response to a brand. The concept is not specific to one channel or type of media.


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The Brand Experience is the sum of all sensations, thoughts, feelings and reactions that individuals have in response to a brand. The concept is not specific to one channel or type of media.

Rather, it's the result that remains after the customer encounters or engages with the company, whether it's in the computer business, electric forklift, or otherwise. eCommerce has continued to expand, and to be competitive today, you need to create a consistent experience.

And that means replacing certain points that used to be successful. Do you want to understand better about the topic? So stay with us!

Brand Experience user experience

Speaking in marketing language, let's discuss the similarities and differences between the Brand Awareness Experience and the User Experience. While both concepts speak to the sensory or behavioral response an individual has, there are some nuances.

Unlike its 'competitor', the user experience specifically talks about what a person gets out of their interaction with the products, services, people, software, floor scrubber or other offerings.

For example, customers will see something positive if they receive efficient service, a frictionless checkout process, or an easy-to-use product. But this is where things get confusing.

Brands can't have one without the other, Think of it this way: if someone has a positive user experience every time they visit the website or app, doesn't that also affect how they view the brand and their experience?

And on the other hand, the User Experience must embody consistent brand voice and elements throughout. Otherwise it is very difficult for people to recognize it.

Why is Brand Experience important?

Comparatively, Brand Experience is as essential as a fire hose for the fire department. This facilitates deeper connections, inspires audiences, and ultimately drives results.

In addition, it can often mean the difference between being chosen or losing the sale. Because of this, it's easy to see why companies strive to create impressive, attention-grabbing relationships.

The world's most valuable brands know that consistency helps build lasting relationships and increases brand recognition, meaning you too should open your roll-up door and look at the world and every detail around you.

Some companies make the mistake of focusing all their resources on a few experiences and ignoring the investment in consistency. Some live for consistency and never do anything exciting. Make sure you go the middle way and do both (Nothing worse for the customer than pumping money into something bland and lifeless)

Brand Experience in the digital age

The concept is not limited to one channel, as we said before. Think of the Lego brand, for example. They create immersive, hands-on experiences in their stores and theme parks. Their kits come with age-appropriate, fun-to-follow instructions. They have created movies, books, games and infinite digital content for marketing and consumer consumption.

But, with that being said, most of this has some digital component. Think of non-profit organizations and they organize many events with donations to help raise money for their causes.

However, they also support their audience with digital content such as survey information, e-newsletters, quizzes and other online resources, and leverage interactive imagery and video content to tell their story. But most importantly, they do so with content that appeals to their audience's senses and personal narratives.

If you don't have experience in the subject, it's worth making an initial investment and hiring experienced people who will take these ideas to the maximum level. Remembering that the Brand Experience is possible for small, medium and large companies.

So, after several consultations and meetings, it's time to be assertive and get all your relevant ideas off paper.

With more than 13 years of experience in the Digital market, we are specialists in Brand Experience for our clients and partners.

With a highly qualified team at Web Digital Media Group in the Development and Creation of strategies for brand positioning and Lead generation, we operate in all aspects of Digital Marketing.

Activities related to brand positioning, rebranding and planning are essential for the Brand Experience to achieve its objectives.


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