BTS was formed by Jung-koo Hahn, Jin-young Park, Shane Harada, and Je-Hyung Seo in 2010.




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They are an eight-member boy band from South Korea and their music is a mixture of hip hop, pop and soul.

All their music is in Korean and they have several international hits with lyrics that target a global audience.

BTS is one of the most popular boy bands in the world and they have millions of followers around the globe.

BTS has become one of the most successful boy bands in history due to their hard work and dedication to their fans.

Their global success was due to their diverse talents as musicians and singers; each member brings a unique style to the group that has earned them international acclaim.

Their name is derived from a military rank and their area of operation is based on teamwork as well as unity among members.

Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny BTS' dedication to making great music!

Each member brings a unique style to the group.

Suga is known for his rapping skills, as he often records all of BTS' vocal tracks himself.

He has received critical acclaim for his lyrics as well as his vocal range and control.

He is also an ambassador for Jackson Five Japan's music education foundation and regularly participates in fan events for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Rap Monster is known for both his singing abilities as well as his outspokenness; he regularly speaks out against social injustices through his songs.

He has won several awards for his vocals and has even performed live at the United Nations General Assembly forum in New York City.

BTS was formed by Jung-koo Hahn, Jin-young Park, Shane Harada, and Je-Hyung Seo.

They are all childhood friends from Seoul's Gangnam district.

They met through a talent show as young children and quickly became friends.

As kids, they found out they had musical talents, so they started sharing their songs with each other.

They soon realized that they had a lot of similar musical ideas and began planning to form a group together.

In 2010, they formally formed BTS with eight members based on these childhood friendships.

Their name is taken from the military rank for a lieutenant and the area where their agency is located.

They chose the initials 'bts' because it sounds like 'strength' in Korean; additionally, they added an 's' to make it sound feminine.

They also chose the area name 'Seoul' because it literally means 'capital city.' Their members also have unique nicknames that further reference their roots in the military.

For example, Suga has the nickname 'Baby' and Jimin's nickname is 'Unnie.' Their leader, Jungkook, has the nickname 'boss' since he is the leader of his group.

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