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A quick guide to finding interesting projects and resources to build and showcase.


Juan Cruz Martinez

3 years ago | 5 min read

Frontend Web Development is like an art of designing websites according to the available data. Unlike backend development, here you don’t have to perform any computations on the server-side. Your main focus must be to create a user interface layout that has a great look and feel.

As a frontend developer, you are responsible to present the data in a meaningful way. But, also considering the user experience in mind. This is one of the most important aspects employers are looking for before hiring you on a job.

So, why not surprise them with a variety of web apps on your portfolio?

Today, I’ll mention seven unique project ideas to build an attractive frontend portfolio. It will help you secure your first development job in a highly competitive niche.

You can make use of any modern frontend frameworks like React, Vue.js, Angular, and Svelte. But, to make things a bit challenging I’ll mention what to use for creating a specific project. This will help you enhance your skillset by learning new frameworks and libraries.

Also, these days, we have access to API marketplaces like RapidAPI. Here, you can find tons of APIs for almost every use case. The best thing about RapidAPI is that you only need one API key to connect with thousands of free and paid APIs.

For example, you don’t have to build any infrastructure to collect data about the weather. A weather API provider has probably done that for us. So, we just have to retrieve data from their server using an official API.

Let’s get started by having a look at my compiled list of frontend portfolio ideas.

1. Trending Topic (Covid-19 Statistics)

Dashboard Example

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, you might have seen its statistics being displayed in a small widget on every other website. Some developers even created a dedicated website with colorful graphs to display the trend of this virus in a specific country, region, and the whole world.

Basically, if you create a web app on a trending topic then it has a great chance to go viral. In return, your possibility to get hired increases dramatically as more and more people get familiar with your work.

Dashboards are also great applications to build, it’s not only fun but very challenging, you can learn a lot, and show possible employers or contractors that you can do great work.

Recommended Tech Stack

Data Source API

You can make use of either one of these APIs.

2. To-do list

A classic and for a reason

Maintaining a to-do list helps us boost our productivity. There are tons of such apps already available in the market. I would suggest you try some of them from “Google Play” and “App Store”.

After that, combine their most interesting features in a web app. Remember to keep its design as simple as possible. It should have the ability to:

  • Display todo list
  • Add item
  • Remove item
  • Update an existing item

This is an ideal app for beginners, as it can be very simple to implement, but you can also integrate some advanced features to take it to the next level.

Recommended Tech Stack

3. Flashcards

Image of a sample flashcard app

Flashcards are a technique used by many of us to memorize different things. Basically, it is a card that contains some information on both sides. Mostly, one side has a hint while the other contains detailed information.

Students can use it to learn difficult definitions. Whereas language learners may use it to memorize words of different languages. In other words, the possibilities are endless.

Have a look at Cram and Tinycards for inspiration.

Recommended Tech Stack

  • VueJS

How to Flip a Card Using HTML5 and CSS3?

4. Viral Quizzes

Image of a sample quiz app

Challenging your friends with small quizzes is very popular on social media platforms. Friendship and Personality quizzes are some examples that can go viral in no time.

So, if you can design a beautiful interface for a simple multiple-choice quiz then it can be a great thing to add on your portfolio. It has benefits like “massive audience reach” which will help you get noticed by potential clients.

Recommended Tech Stack

Interesting APIs

5. Weather App

Image of a sample weather app

Design a web app to display the weather of a specific area. You can consume data from an existing public API. But, the thing that matters the most in the weather app is its user interface.

It should have the ability to showcase daily and monthly weather reports in a summarized way.

You can also make use of animated images of Sun, Cloud, Rain, Thunderstorm, etc. to depict current weather conditions. It will definitely enhance the overall UX.

Recommended Tech Stack

Weather Images

6. Scientific Calculator

Image of a sample calculator app

Basic calculation operations are very easy to achieve in any programming language like JavaScript. But, what about designing a full-fledged scientific calculator?

A similar project was started by Intel Corporation developers back in 2013. Later, they decided to abandon it. But, you can still have a look at its source code on GitHub which is purely written in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

You can make use of the latest frontend frameworks to design a better online scientific calculator. It will showcase your mathematical knowledge on your portfolio.

Recommended Tech Stack

7. Music Player

Image of a sample music player app (Spotify)

Have you ever listened to music on SoundCloud , JioSaavn , or any other similar website?

So, why not create a music player web app just like that. First of all, it will be a fun project but in the end, you will have something to display on your frontend portfolio.

Recommended Tech Stack

Data Source API

Final thoughts

At first, getting a frontend web development job can be very difficult. Its because this niche is already very saturated and filled with many talented individuals.

But, if you follow this article and create the mentioned project ideas for your portfolio then you will significantly have a better standing in the market. Finally, you will start getting new job offers as you have already proven your design skills.


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