How to Build a Personal Brand From Zero and Why You Need One

The 4 powerful strategies explained by a marketer.


Victoria Kurichenko

3 years ago | 2 min read

If you ever decide to become self-employed, you will most likely start questioning: “Where to get clients from?”.

Even if you are an expert, it might be difficult to break through the informational noise and attract attention.

As a marketer, I would like to share a few tips on how to increase your value on the market and build a personal brand.

Build Awareness on Linkedin With 2 Easy Steps

If you consistently grow your Linkedin connections, you might see more luring job offers, seminar invitations, and opportunities from your network.

1. Share your professional thoughts

Talk about challenges and solutions from your current projects. Show how you effectively handle them.

Share personal and professional wins: you’ve got certified, you attended a conference, you’ve talked to an industry expert, you’ve helped a client to increase his conversion rate up to +X%, etc.

2. Always include hashtags

Do not forget to include hashtags relevant to your content. Hashtags help to get noticed in the relevant topics.

People are interested in success stories they can replicate. Show how you handle work, make them believe you. This is the right way to build authority and a loyal network.

3. Organize an Online Marathon

Discover your clients' pains and needs and approach them with an online marathon, where you discuss the solution. Here is how you can do it in life:

  1. Create a landing page using landing page builders;
  2. Add a contact form to collect the user’s info;
  3. Start promoting the marathon through Facebook groups, Linkedin network, twitter, etc.

This way, you collect personal information from potential clients, share expertise, and build relationships. Here is a great example from Google for inspiration.

3. Have a Portfolio of Your Best Works

Help potential clients discover your expertise. Create a personal blog, like the one on Medium, show your sample works, and introduce yourself in the “about” page.

Make sure you include the information people are looking for:

  • Focus on the problem, solution, and results. Time is limited. No one will be reading in-depth stories about how you did this or that. Highlight the solution and the results.
  • Achievements matter, a lot. Back up your expertise with numbers, like worked with #clients, certified industry expert since.., etc. Show former clients references.

4. Online World Is Not Everything (Yet)

Meeting like-minded people is essential. It helps to grow your network, find out insights that you could not get from anyone else.

Everyone’s time is limited and should not be wasted figuring out things that someone has already mastered.


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