How to build your Personal Brand In 2021

Network is your Net worth. Start building your brand. It’s never too late.


Shiva Dudigama

3 years ago | 5 min read

Personal branding is a goldmine, and it is unexplored. This article will deep dive into what is personal branding and how to build personal branding in 2021.
This article solves the problem of building a personal brand and using it to make money. This article will help digital marketers, bloggers, professionals, freelancers, mentors, and entrepreneurs.

       The best known will always beat the best.

According to Wikipedia, Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have an enormous impact.

In simple words, Personal Branding is marketing you and your career as brands. It is a continuous effort and even takes a lot of time.

People want to hear from people, not from brands. So, brands hire influential people or celebrities as their brand ambassadors.

Elon Musk is an excellent example of a Personal Brand. People know Tesla and Spacex because of Elon. He has a more significant following on social media than his companies. A personal brand can’t be sold and invested, but it can give rise to many brands from their influence.

A personal brand becomes an influencer & a brand ambassador for the companies that they run. Personal branding is the need of the hour.

I always talk about personal branding. Personal branding helps in building your company's brand as well. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are great examples. From getting internships, jobs to business, it will benefit so much.

In this time of covid distress, your presence in social media helps you as well. You know who you will hire, a person with skills and a person with skills and an excellent social media presence.

So, Network is your Net worth. Start building your brand. It’s never too late.

How to grow your Brand in 2021

1.Online Presence :

As you know, Online Presence is essential for growing your personal brand. Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are the leading platforms to promote your brand.

Instagram, TikTok and youtube can also be used. It's good to have your website and platform.

Facebook and Other platforms stopped giving organic reach for posts. Don’t be at the mercy of other platforms. They will ban you or decrease your reach for your page as well.

Build your own Website and Email List.

Think about the advantages of having your website, platform and email list.

2. Pick your Niche

Become an expert in your niche. Don’t be a jack of all trades.

Don’t go broad while selecting your niche.

Instead of positioning yourself as a digital marker, position as an SEO expert for a particular industry like eCommerce, where chances of getting paid are high.

You will also get public speaking opportunities and also may get a chance of speaking in big events. Build your personal brand and make money.

Who will get paid more, General physician or Surgeon?

Everyone is not your customers. Serve only your customers, for whom you can solve problems.

Your impact in the world is not measured by money, but the change you bring in this world.

Riches are in Niches.

3.Write Content

Content is king. Share your experiences.

First research about your audience and talk only about your niche.

If you don’t know what you have to write, research your competitors and take inspiration from them.

Use platforms like Buzzsumo, blogs, google keyword planner, google autosuggest and LinkedIn for content ideas.

4.Publish Ebooks

Choose a topic that you are familiar with and what your audiences want.

Create an outline of chapters.

Design your ebook, convert it to Pdf, publish and market.

Remember, your main aim of your publishing ebook should be building your brand.

5.Craft a brand mission statement

 It should be in this sequence.  

 Step-1 Who do you help, i.e. Who is your target audience? 

  Step-2 How you will help them?  

  Ex-1. I want to help 10,000 Entrepreneurs, Business owners and consultants to get more leads on Linkedin.

2.To help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of FREEDOM.

6.Create your tribe

 You can’t build your personal brand without having your own tribe. Your tribe creates your vibes.

Having your own list and own platform is your most significant assets.

Having more followers is not worth it if they don’t buy from you.

Your audiences are your biggest advertisers if you give them a lot of value. There is no better advertising than your customers do it for you. It will be your biggest win. Having social proof and getting results for your tribe can give you a lot of opportunities.

The journey of your people engaging with your content:

Reader - who reads your content 

Follower- Who follows you on social media.

Subscriber- Who is in your email list

Customer- Who buys your products.

Super Fan - Who buys most of your products.

Know your audience

7.Expand your network

Your network is your net worth. Reach out to people and collaborate with them. You are your personal brand, and your business runs on it. It is easier to build a business when you have a strong personal brand.

Get invited on podcasts, participate in events and be shameless in promoting yourself. You have to build your brand, and no one will do it for you.

Money is in the follow-ups and reaching out to people. Law of average works here as if you reach out to more people, you will get good results.

8.Become a creator

2021 is very important for 2021. Most of them turned into creators because of the coronavirus. Now, there are a lot of creators on youtube, Instagram and other platforms.

Influencer marketing is now becoming very popular. Best time to create content is now.


Blogging is the key to writing your own thoughts, building your email lists and having your own platform. Provide a lot of value and talk about the niche. Always remember, only talk about things, which can benefit your audience. Be authentic and talk about your expertise.

Blogging takes a lot of time if you want to make quick money and build a brand, forget it. As you know, compound interest is the eighth wonder, same with writing content in your blog. It compounds when you show up consistently.

If you are a personal brand, don’t hesitate to build your brand. People hate you and people like you. You must accept everything.

10. Create brand on Linkedin

They are mostly used by B2B platform.

LinkedIn is one of the most used social media platforms for professionals. It has almost 700+ million users as of 2020.

Organic Lead generation

In most of the platforms, organic reach is significantly less. But in LinkedIn, it is very high compared to other platforms. LinkedIn is a content game, and most of the leads are through posting content and engaging with others.

Created for professionals, LinkedIn has touched new heights in today’s digital age.

With 722+ million users, it boasts of a space that suits the needs of marketers and people looking to grow their professional careers. LinkedIn maintains its supremacy as a social network for professionals despite new entrants in the market.

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With regular updates and new features, LinkedIn has turned into a treasure-trove for all those looking to build their personal brand, generate more leads, or even find a new job online. 

But the question arises- are you doing enough to build your brand on LinkedIn? 

The truth is that LinkedIn is underutilized by most of its users, who prefer to treat it like yet another resume file.

There is no better way than building your personal brand in 2021. It is also a perfect way to make money and influence people. People trust and people do business with people, that can only happen with personal brands.


I hope this post has given you a ton of ideas about personal branding. If you found this post useful, share it, tweet it and pass it along. If you have any questions or any ideas, comment below!


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