Canvas Bags Market Size, Share, CAGR & Forecast Report for 2030

Canvas Bags Market Size & Share | Global Industry Report


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Regulatory bans on single use plastic by various governments across the world, canvas bags have seen hiked demand. Canvas bags have utility and can be used as fashionable accessory as well. Canvas bags attributing to their versatile nature where it can be used to carry groceries or can be carried to office or gym, are expected to witness increase in growth.

The varieties of colour, size and shapes enhance their utility which might augment its demand. Canvas bags are made of heavy duty thick cotton which enhances its durability. They are light in weight and dust and water resistant which lowers the maintenance of canvas bags.

anvas Bags Market: Dynamics

The adoption of tote bags is rapidly growing amongst women attributing to its wide usage and variety. Furthermore, canvas bags are reusable, washable, foldable and easily storable. The consumer concerns regarding the environment and hazards of use of plastics has led to higher adoption of canvas bags. Canvas bags are made up of recycled materials comprising of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

This is likely to augment the market demand for canvas bags. In addition, canvas bags are used by manufacturers or brand owner for marketing their brand and increasing its awareness amongst the customers. Printing on the surface on the canvas bags is economical and hence, it is widely used for marketing campaigns.

Many NGOs also use canvas bags to promote a cause or increase awareness on a specific topic. Moreover, canvas bags are highly economical and are popular amongst the customers by satisfying quality for value expectations. These factors might impact the market demand for canvas bags positively.

Government support and initiatives such as banning plastics or penalty and fines for using plastic bags has led to creation of strong demand for canvas bags. For instance, violators who use single use plastic would be implied for a fine of $500.

In addition, manufacturers are designing lavish patterns and shapes which is likely to attract large number of customers. This is anticipated to rise the women preference for using canvas bags which is likely to hike the demand for canvas bags in the years to come.

Canvas Bags Market: Regional Outlook

Increasing concerns regarding the environment amongst the population is likely to grow the demand for canvas bags. Predominantly in the regions such as North America and European countries such as United States and United Kingdom, the demand for canvas bags is likely to increase.

Moreover, increase in the women participation in the workforce globally is likely to lead to high adoption rate of canvas bags primarily in the countries in the Asia-Pacific region such as India and China where the fashion industry is still emerging and the initiative by the government to protect environment is on the rise. This is likely to boost the market demand for canvas bags in the years to come.

Canvas Bags Market: Effect of COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, studies have found that reusable bags in the supermarket and retail outlets contain E.coli, norovirus and other pathogens which are harmful. Even with preventive measures such as sanitization of bags, numerous handling chains can increase the risk of cross contamination easily.

Health officials in Massachusetts have appealed the government to lift bans from plastic bags since it is the imperative need of hour. This is likely to hamper the customer mindset regarding the usage of reusable bags as the customer would be more cautious and concerned over the risks of contamination. This might limit the growth of canvas bags amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Canvas Bags Market : Key Players

  • Cross Canvas Company
  • Boston Bag Co.
  • Tarps Now
  • LBU,Inc
  • A. Amith & Son,Inc
  • Custom Case Co.,Inc
  • Landes Inc
  • Frontier Bag Co.,Inc
  • Carolina Covertech
  • Casco Manufacturing Solutions,Inc.
  • AmCraft Manufacturing., Inc
  • New Way Bag China
  • Union Wear
  • Blivus Bags

Canvas Bags Market : Segmentation

Canvas bags market can be segmented on the basis of type, weight and end-use.

By Type, canvas bags market can be segmented as

  • Backpack
  • Canvas Sling bag
  • Canvas Tote bag
  • Grocery bag
  • Gift bag
  • Others (Beach bag, etc.)

By weight, canvas bags market can be segmented as

  • Less than 5 oz
  • 6 to 10 oz
  • 11 to 15 oz
  • 16- 20 oz
  • More than 20 oz

By End use, canvas bags market can be segmented as

  • Shopping ( Grocery, Retail)
  • Travelling
  • Office
  • Schools/ Colleges
  • Others ( Gym, Sports)

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