Capture Your Vision With this Simple Technique

If you are the only one who knows about your vision, you may feel comfortable giving up because no other person is aware of what you had imagined.


Ben Dankaka

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In capturing your vision, it is important to know that a vision should be written. Even though it is imagined, vision must be translated on a piece of paper. A written vision will commit you.

You see, commitment means obligation. It is what causes us to accomplish our goals. The moment it is captured on a piece; you would feel accountable to it.

Normally, you can easily forget anything that only exists in your mind. Circumstances, especially the worries and anxieties of life can even make you forget what you once imagined and planned in your mind. But when you put down your vision on a piece of paper, it would bring it to life.

Even if you forget it, the moment you catch a glimpse of it with your physical eyes, it would pull you back to it.

A written vision makes you feel responsible. It will make you realize
your vision isn’t just an imagination, but a real-life commitment.

When you put down your thoughts on paper, it becomes tangible. That is, it turns into a substance — something you can see, not just with your mind but with your eyes. And you would be able to grab it, not just with your mind but with your hands. But don’t just type and save your vision on your computer, phone or tablet. Print it.

A good vision should be thorough, whether it is lengthy or concise. It can be written on a single page or more. There’s no specific limit as to the number of pages you should have. The size of the document should be determined by the sort of vision you have.

However, if your vision is lengthy, then try to have an abridged version of it. That is, summarize it in a single document. You can have a short form of your vision in a single sentence or in a paragraph and then post it on a wall or hang it at a spot where you can easily see it.

You don’t have to do it in the same way others did theirs. Feel free to have your own unique style. Some people call it vision statement. You’ve probably noticed it at the reception halls of many corporate organizations. It is usually framed and placed at a strategic location, where everyone can see it.

The aim is to remind clients as well as members of the organization of their destination. It summarily tells everyone why the organization exits. The more frequent it is seen, the more familiar it becomes. And a vision that is familiar to everyone would be embraced and pursued without objection.

The summarized version of your vision will be a constant reminder to you
whenever you catch a glimpse of it. And if it is made public, it would also make you answerable to those who see it. When your vision is stored in your mind, you would be the only one who can see it. So, you can easily wake up one day and choose not to pursue it when challenges come
your way.

If you are the only one who knows about your vision, you may feel comfortable giving up because no other person is aware of what you had imagined. Neglecting a vision that was never written might hurt you but no one else will actually know if you’ve failed or not.

But, a vision that is written and shared with others becomes public knowledge. For that reason, other people will hold you accountable if you ever try to give up. They can refer to what you’ve written on paper.

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