All About Carbon Composites (All You Need to Know )


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Carbon composites are special composites in which both the matrix material and reinforcing fibers pure carbon. The carbon composites possess a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio in contrast with other conventional materials. Hence, they are extensively used in various aerospace and defense applications. Further, carbon composites have a low thermal expansion, corrosion resistance, UV-resistance, lightweight, durability, and others. The rising utilization of carbon composites in aircraft, along with the escalating number of aircraft production, is considered to create a huge growth opportunity for the carbon composites market in the forecast period.

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The significant factor which propels the growth of the carbon composites market is its heavy demand from the end-use industries. There is robust demand from the aerospace and defense industries. These sectors require lightweight and superior strength products made of carbon-carbon fibers. Growing demand for high-performance and lightweight composites due to strict regulations and safety concerns is anticipated to fuel the global carbon-carbon composites market. Moreover, the defense sector highly exploits these materials owing to its ability to withstand sudden impacts, high thermal shocks, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. In addition, chemical inertness and biocompatibility have resulted in the applications of carbon composites in the medical industry.


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