Carolina Fonseca


Developer Advocate

I graduated in Techinical Business and Civil Engineering Technology. I have worked in the commercial area since 2011, but I have just started in commercial area of civil engineering and architecture projects in 2013 . I started working with fintechs 2017 and I have noticed that it was an important change of path in my life because I may use it not only for my engineer vision, but also for my business vision to solve problems and make the business rise. Although many people do not agree, I believe that technical knowledge and business vision in addition to passion for the customer, should go together and for this reason I have a strong appreciation for always knowing the product or service on which I work, in depth and doing everything so that the client has the best experience possible. Great passion for continuous improvement, to the point of plunging into the universe of systems development and endeavoring to match my sales and relationship know-how with the software developer visi

São Paulo, Brazil