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Case study: Re-design a feature, failure to success

Competing against the users with the same level helps reduce stress and pressure caused by perfectionism and constant comparison between levels they are not ready for. and also helps motivate them and gives them more passion for studying more.


kosar khonakdar

4 months ago | 3 min read


Kondorliga, is an educational progression application that helps high school students achieve more in the stressful environment of Iran’s university entrance exam by gamifying the flow of studying and creating a meaningful competition based on effort and proper studying.

Finding The Problem

The users are ranked and grouped together for competition based on the time they spend studying in the study time tracker which is based on the user’s grade and major.

Competing against the users with the same level helps reduce stress and pressure caused by perfectionism and constant comparison between levels they are not ready for. and also helps motivate them and gives them more passion for studying more.

Apart from the study time tracker feature, for making the continuation of studying more purposeful, Kondorliga added the Marathon feature.

On the marathon page, the users could add a study time goal that they wanted to achieve for their upcoming day or week, and with using the time tracker, the marathon progress fills up. But the amount of time for marathons is capped so the users don’t study to the point their health is at risk and they put more pressure upon themselves.

For creating a marathon a certain amount of coins is reduced from their account; if a marathon is successfully done the number of coins is returned to their account otherwise the coins are burnt.

After releasing the product and monitoring the data and user behavior in Amplitude and UXCam, we realized that the users didn’t use the marathon as much as we expected, in other words, the feature failed!

Task: since the feature was important to the business owners, the problems that caused low usage and views should have been found and solved as fast as possible.


To begin with, I started reading the questions and suggestions of users after the release of the application in connection channels we had with the users (specifically Instagram), even though each page had its own guide that completely explained each feature and how to use them, most of the users were asking about the marathon, a big percentage of them not only didn’t understand the way the feature works but also didn’t even understood the impact this feature had on their studying process even after uploading a video guide of the application, still many users didn’t get the use of this page.

The reasons I came up with after reading the users feedbacks were:

  • Ambiguity in feature’s name in comparison to other features that were more straightforward
  • The marathon was in a separate section from the time tracker, even though they were connected to each other on a logical level

The Solution

Based on the previous explanation, we have found the possible fundamental causes of the problem and we have rather clear way steps we need to go to solve the problem.

At first, all the gained information and requirements were documented in the company’s Confluence, after that, I took an open card sorting test from some of the users.

The results showed that the old users of Kondorliga knew what a marathon was and they categorized it in the study section next to study time goa, and the user that registered recently couldn’t even categorize the marathon.

Wireframe and User Flow

After doing the test and submitting the results, I drew a new user flow that put the marathon and time tracker in the same context and the same direction in a way that they would complete each other.

after finishing up the user flow and checking it with the design and development team, I designed a new wireframe with the new combination of marathon and the time tracker.

Final Design

After wrapping up the prototype and getting confirmation, the application was redesigned based on the new flow.

After implementation, proper testing, and releasing the new update, it was time to evaluate the new data in Amplitude and UXCam and have interviews with some of the users to have further understanding of whether the changes were successful or not, after that all available data showed acceptable growth in marathon usage.


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