How to celebrate a memorable graduation party on a budget?

if you want to make your graduation party memorable, pay attention to the following elements which will turn a party into a blast.


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Whether you’ve graduated from college, or high school or you’ve reached any other education milestone in life, you owe your people a chance to celebrate it with you. Life is made of precious moments that are as precious as the people you share it with. So, share your happiness with your family, those you consider your family and your friends by throwing a graduation party. And, if you want to make it memorable, pay attention to the following elements which will turn a party into a blast.

Prepare invitations

First of all, prepare invitations. Make it funny, but also include a party schedule, so people will arrive on time, and know how to dress and what to expect. If you want to have a dress code, make sure it’s clearly stated in the invitation. If the party runs on a limited schedule, outline it. If you want people to bring a plus one, ask them kindly to inform you in advance. Also, ask them to RSVP because this way you’ll know how much food and drinks to order.

The location

The location booking should take place before you send out the invitations. First, you’ll need to make a list of invitees including their plus ones to come up with a definite number. Then, you should look for a venue that can accommodate you all. If you want to celebrate this in your backyard, you should also know the number of people invited to get extra chairs or tables.

Create a hashtag for your bash

If you’re graduating now, it probably means that you’re used to hashtagging everything that happens in your life. So, you can create a hashtag for your party and share it with your guests. This will be an invitation to them to take as many photos as they can. Simultaneously, this gives them permission to post pictures online. Still, you should go through each one of them afterwards, just to be sure there aren’t any inappropriate photos online.

Think about the props

If it isn’t on social media, it’s like it never happened. Since you have your unique hashtag for the event, you should also have photography props to make things interesting and unique. For example, you can hire photography backdrops that go well with your graduation theme. Throw in some props like written signs, college flags, a graduation outfit everyone can wear, a graduation cap and some classy elements like tassels, confetti and other party props. These unique elements will invite people to have fun and take as many photos as they can.

Party Decoration

Besides having a photography backdrop and versatile photo props, you should also think about appropriate party decoration. Think about decorating the entrance so that people can easily find the location and also make it eye-catching with details like balloons or a printed banner. If your party has a theme other than the graduation theme, add those elements. But, don’t forget to add as many balloons as you can.

Ask for a word of wisdom

Invite people to share one thing they think you should know now that you’ve graduated. You can set up a wisdom corner, with a table and a chair. You can have people write in the notebook, and sign their piece of advice so you’ll know who wrote it. Alternatively, people can write their message on a piece of paper, fold it and put it in a big box. You can read these out loud during the party, without saying who wrote each one, so you’ll all have a laugh. A few days after the party, you can write all these messages into a document and share it with other people, but make sure not to share who wrote each one. Let other people guess who wrote each one.

The food and the drinks

This is probably the most important part of any celebration. People love to eat and drink, so make sure to order enough food for everyone. Also, try to be as inclusive as possible, so try to have an option that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well. Go for lots of finger food, because people will nibble on these until the main course arrives, like mini hamburgers or barbecue.

When it comes to drinks, make sure that there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Guests who are of age to drink can drink alcohol, while those who aren’t would have a non-alcoholic beverage.

Dessert table

Party is incomplete without a cake. This concept applies to all celebrations, no matter how big or small. So, you can go old school and have a cake. If you want to satisfy even the pickiest of people, you can set up a dessert table with several dessert options. You can also have a candy pinata, ice cream or graduation-themed cupcakes. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure there’s something for guests with a sweet tooth.

Lastly, don’t forget to make fun, talk to everyone and enjoy your big day. You can also thank everyone for coming by handing out awards to your former classmates. This will be a perfect thank-you-gift and a way to remember this occasion.


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