Challenges of Freelance Writers: 5 Things You Should Be Aware Of

The road to freelance writing journey is bumpy. Here are a few things you should be aware of.


tithi raha

3 years ago | 3 min read

Entering into the freelance world seems exciting and fun in the first place. And why not?

You’ll be working at the comfort of your home, no nagging of bosses, no annoying works that you were forced to do, no more waking up at a fixed time, no more worries!

Who won’t call it a complacent lifestyle, right?

If you’re thinking about all these fancy things and preparing to kick-start your freelance writing journey, then let me help you to have a peep into the inside world of freelance writing.

Hold strong.

Are you ready now to uncover the hard of the freelance world?

let’s get started,

Be Ready to Work More than 10 Hours

Yes! I know you used to wait for the log-out hours when you were an employee. I used to wait actually!

But it’s common that when you’re working for somebody, you won’t willingly put your 100percent effort unless the management is worthy of it. (which is a rare quality of course!)

So, if you’re thinking of starting your freelance writing journey just for the sake of working fewer hours, then you’re building a castle in the air.

Sometimes you’ve to work for more than 16+hours at the beginning. Constant writing, pitching, marketing, client calls, nagging behavior,-everything will be a daily companion of yours.

So, be prepared for all of these when you’re starting out as a freelance writer.

Sometimes You’ll Have No Projects at Hand

Yes! The freelancing world is bumpy, especially at the beginning. Sometimes you’ll be booked for a day and sometimes you will have no projects at hand.

This can happen for two reasons,

  1. You stop searching for projects when you’ve a bulk work in hand.
  2. You’re not marketing yourself properly

Whatever your reason be, make sure you don’t repeat the above mistakes. But if you’re still facing projects unavailability, then relax. Take a deep breath.

it’s normal. You’ll fetch another project if you’re consistently taking the right steps.

Dealing with the Price negotiation

Remember, you’ll have to bear with some nagging clients at the beginning of the freelance writing journey. This is because you’re not willing to lose a single lead. Every lead is valuable to you at this point.

but, be sure to know when to stand up for yourself.

Oftentimes, there is a huge difference between the client's expectation and payout.

here the confusions your mind will put are,

  1. Should I lower my price to win the project?
  2. should I let the project go? (it’s my first lead!!)

so, we end up writing for just peanuts. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Being a freelance writer, you should always know when to stop lowering the price and negotiate the deal effectively.

Working Extra for a Client

As I told you, there will be a bumpy start at the beginning of the freelance writing journey. Sometimes your client will ask you to work extra for which you’ve not been hired.

Another trap!!

But, most of the newbies fall into this trap as we’re not ready to lose a lead at the beginning.

Every lead seems valuable in our freelance writing journey.

But, guess what!

Every lead is not valuable in our journey. Yes!! I’m saying it again, every lead is not valuable for your journey.

There are amazing clients to work with but the one who doesn’t understand your professional worth, have no value at all in your freelance writing journey.

They might be okay to work with at the beginning but not for long-term relationships.

So, when you’re asked to work extra for your client, make sure you speak up if the work requires your time and effort.

Because when you're freelancing you should be paid not just for your work but for your time, effort, persistence, quality, and hard-work.

Dealing with Mental Frustration

I used the word frustration here but frustration is the result of your mismatched thought.

So, when you’re kick-starting your freelance writing journey, learn to train your mind, learn to be patient, learn to stop overthinking.

Freelancing is surely not for those who’ve weak hearts.

So, make sure to create a strong mental framework before you kick start your freelance writing journey.

Thanks for taking the time out and reading this post. If you’ve anything to share, don’t hesitate to comment below


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