Can I Check in 3 Bags with Turkish Airlines?

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Yes, you can check in with three bags on the Turkish Airline, including carry-on and checked baggage, and it also depends on the fare type. So the details about the luggage you can check in the policies and that are mentioned at the bottom:-

Carry on bags

The number of bags that you can take in the cabin is as follows:-

  • If you travel in business class, you can carry two bags with one personal item.
  • And for economy class, passengers can carry one personal item with carry-on bags for free.
  • The dimension should not exceed 23x40x55 cm, and the weight should not exceed 8 kg bags.

Checked bags

If you have more bags than carry-on, then you can submit that to the Airline, and the Turkish Airlines extra baggage price per kg could rely on the fare type and routes. And the provision for that is mentioned at the bottom:-

  • As a business class traveler, you can take two bags weight 32 kg each, and the size does not exceed 158 cm.
  •  And the economy class passenger could carry two bags weight 23 kg each and dimension of 158cm in total.
  • When you are traveling with the infant, you can take one more bag with the stroller weighing 23 kg and the dimension of 115 cm in total.

Thus, the question is, Can I Check in 3 Bags with Turkish Airlines? It might not crest a hindrance to travel. If you have anything more to ask, than speak with the Airline's customer service.

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