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Check comfort factors before buying a pair from the market

Mattress is a long pad designed to support your body while reclining or lying down


Swalina Jones

4 months ago | 2 min read


Mattress is a long pad designed to support your body while reclining or lying down. Mattresses can be filled with foam, rubber, fabric, cotton, straw or hair. These are conventional filings for mattresses and they can be bought over from furniture stores on standard sizes or custom measured sizes from the mattress stores near me and depending on your economy you can buy the costliest or cheapest. Mattress adds comfort to your body and help sleep soundly during nights. It is important that you invest on the right type of mattress or you may rue your decision when your body start aching after few sleeping sessions. 

Types of mattresses available in the market

There are 10 popular mattress choices available for you and they include

  • Memory Foam 
  • Innerspring 
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Pillow top mattress
  • Air mattress
  • Poly foam mattress
  • Water beds 
  • Orthopaedic mattress

Lots of discussions and thoughts go in to buying any of the above. It is important that you understand these mattresses before buying. Memory foam can be comfortable and will shape itself according to your body contours. It may not be comfortable during summer because foam can retain your body heat and make it uncomfortable for you. 

Inner spring is bouncy as it is made up of bunch of independent or interconnected spring coils that will stand firm and provide best support to the body. It is also durable and strong but can upset you with its bounciness. Any movement by your partner will disturb you because springs act as one whole unit. Highbred mattresses are combination of memory foam and inner spring. It gives the best of both worlds and may end up buying this one as it has all the comfort and functionality you need while sleeping. Most people choose one from the three explained above. Rarely will they opt for a airbed, or water bed, as they are unconventional. You should be careful if you are suffering chronic back pain or have some orthopaedic issues and for that you can opt for orthopaedic mattress with the recommendation of your doctor. Latex mattress is a durable and organic choice but it can be a costly mattress.

Choose mattresses carefully because it is not often an individual change mattress every month. It is a onetime investment that should be carefully invested. Look out for Discount furniture Miami where you are likely to find the above in large numbers and with a suitable price tag which is close to your heart.


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