Check out these top factors that can make or break your web app budget

Even the most successful and funded businesses in the world had humble beginnings, and many were started with very little capital. However, this doesn’t mean that starting a business is easy. As per Statista, among promising options, the app development market has a CAGR of 8.81% from 2021 to 2026 and will reach $219,976.5 Million by 2026.


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How much does a web app cost? It all depends on a lot of factors, from the complexity of the functionality to the time it takes to build, from the platform you want to use to the delivery method to how many users you want to serve. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the top factors that can affect your web app budget, so you can be sure your estimates are accurate and that you get what you pay for.

1) Factor affecting web app cost: Design

One of the biggest factors affecting a web application’s cost is its design. Your business will typically have a specific look and feel in mind when it comes to an application, so take care when choosing a web designing company in India. Companies specializing in creating highly interactive websites with custom-made designs will often charge much more than other types of designers, so keep that in mind as you search for a company to work with.

2) Factor affecting web app cost: Scope

What is included in and excluded from the scope of work. If you’re planning to build a large-scale application, all aspects of development should be included, including architecture, security and performance. However, if you’re building a very simple website with limited functionality (such as for a local non-profit), you may not need to hire staff for developing front-end user interface; instead contracting someone for back-end programming is fine.

3) Factor affecting web app cost: Complexity

The more complex an application is, in terms of features and functions, then generally it will cost more to develop. As you’re selecting a host for your new site, keep in mind how many page views you’ll need to support per month and look for plans with plenty of RAM.

4) Factor affecting web app cost: Quality of the development team

Bad developers cost more than good ones. You need to look at qualifications of each and every developer and check their experience in terms of working on similar projects with similar complexity. The more experienced, well-qualified developers you hire, faster they will get things done. Quality also plays a role in determining pricing; for example, if you opt for cheaper developers with little experience on your project, then it’s likely that not everything will be finished on time and within

5) Factor affecting web app cost: How often will you need updates?

One of the main things to consider is how often you expect to need updates. Web apps do not have a fixed shelf life, so if you expect to keep yours going for a long time, but want regular improvements and new features, you might end up paying more in maintenance costs than anticipated. If you're looking for a project with a short shelf life (say, something that's needed by an expo coming up), then maintenance costs will be lower on your list of priorities when it comes to selection criteria.

6) Factor affecting web app cost: Is there opportunity for organic growth?

Unless you plan on spending some money on advertising, organic growth is one of your best bets for growing a new business. Depending on what industry you’re in, it could be relatively easy to gain awareness through social media marketing or email campaigns. You might have to launch an affiliate program or coupon page to really kick-start sales. The more effort it takes to grow your company organically, though, usually means more money you’ll have to spend to accomplish those results.


Deciding on a budget for a web app is more than just opening up Excel and doing some quick calculations. One of the biggest variables you’ll have to take into account is how easy it will be to go live with it, which of course will depend on what technologies are being used. If you want to run an app that allows people to upload photos, for example, it’s going to cost more than one made in plain HTML. Hire the best company that provides best web development services in India


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