How to choose the best Font for your next project? An easy game

“If I have the right font, half my design battle is already won!”


Pranav Chaudhary

3 years ago | 2 min read

“If I have the right font, half my design battle is already won!”

In my first UX Design job, my AVP( Satish if you’re reading this, this one’s for you. ) once asked me to give him a magical font for any project that he works on. He asked me to take my time.

And Time I took.

After long research into typography and fonts, I came up with an interesting game that can be played with any design team, and at the end of that game, we decide a winner. You guys get to be the judges of the game while the Fonts will be your participants.

As Judges to a game show, you have to judge the fonts on two broad parameters, and give each font marks on:

1. Readability

2. Legibility

Now, I took only 2 broad parameters to kickstart this game at my workplace. Feel free to use as many parameters as your audience can grasp for better results. (I also gave the judges a short session on Readability and Legibility just to make sure that everyone knows what these terms actually mean.)

I created two things:

  1. A list of Fonts — download here
Easter Egg : A black text on white background appears to be smaller than a white text on a black background.

Notice that in the above list, to the right is the number of times the font has been downloaded worldwide. Along with the font, it also has the best font pairing that goes with it.
Also, I have used all Google fonts because they are freely available for use in any project.

2. Judging Sheet

Judging Sheet ( feel free to use more parameters than given )

Distribute the list of fonts(I used Ipads, it made it look more cool and serious😉) to the panel of judges along with your printed judging sheet, like above(or a google form).

I took only two parameters to kickstart this game at my workplace. You can introduce more such parameters to level up the game.
Score each font and at the end of the game, you will be in a better position to decide the winner based on the combined scores of every judge.

Voila! You have a magical font that should last you for a number of projects to come.


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