How to Choose the Best Heat Transfer Paper

Stock up on heat transfer paper products. Determine which transfer papers are ideal for your needs.


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Get the best project outcomes. When you transfer designs, make sure you use high-quality paper. Having the best designs isn’t enough. If you don't invest in your supplies, you’ll have poor results. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which option suits your needs the most. Here’s what to know before you shop for paper supplies.  

Determine the Paper You Need 

When you browse for heat transfer paper products, you’ll find plenty of options. One way to narrow your search terms is to determine if you need heat transfer papers for an inkjet or laser printer. Both require different types of paper for heat transfers. Once you know what you need, you’ll find it easier to shop for supplies.

Check Your Equipment 

If you’re unsure which equipment you have, no worries. Go online and search for your printer. What kind of model do you have? That should resolve the issue for you in no time. Also, a printer that uses toner cartridges is likely to be a laser printer. Is that what you’re using? 

Invest in Equipment 

Are you still in the process of buying a printer? If you don’t have one, this is an excellent time to consider the pros and cons of each printer. Both printers are used to print designs on shirts. However, laser printers are more expensive and ideal for vector-based art. You can also use this printer if you’re printing out photos. Inkjet printers also work for printing photos. They have a full range of colors, so the images are more dynamic and visually interesting. However, the downside is that these printers can aren’t self-weeding. You need to cut around the designs, which can prove tedious. If you are using this process for your t-shirt-making business, you know how essential it is to automate processes so that you can save time and effort. If you want faster transfers, switch to a laser printer. 

Consider the Color 

If you choose white shirts, you’ll need to order transfer papers made for light-colored items. You need transfer papers made for dark-colored shirts if you select black shirts. If you offer both white and dark-colored shirts, you must invest in both transfer papers. Stocking up on supplies allows you to fulfill orders without a hitch. You won’t have to worry about stopping in the middle of a job because you don’t have enough transfer paper supplies. 

Assess the Fabric 

Another factor to consider is the fabric on which you will print the designs. Some fabrics aren’t a good match with printed designs. Some are perfect. You should look at the fabric’s quality before shopping for options. Do you think cotton is the best choice? Are you looking at polyester or cotton-poly blends? Know the weaknesses of each material. That will help you determine which paper is ideal for your printing jobs. Stock up supplies. Find the best option, depending on which clothes work well with your supplies--your transfer papers—and your machines.


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