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There are multiple things to consider when picking out a keyring. For one, if you’re planning on keeping a lot of keys on one keyring, you should go for a larger ring. That way, you can make sure that your keychain won’t be too packed. The downside to this, however, is that keeping too many keys on a single keychain can make it difficult to find the key you’re looking for.


That’s why you keep similar keys together in a single key ring. For instance, the keys that you need daily (e.g. car keys, garage keys, etc.) could go on one keyring, while the keys for the office could go on another keyring.


You should also consider the material. acrylic keychain are common but know that you can also purchase plastic keychains. They aren’t as strong as metal keychains, but they do the trick of keeping your keys together. Remember to be careful when handling a plastic keychain because it can break.

Best KeyChains Custom

Custom Keychains should be able to assist you throughout the day or in case of emergencies. It should also fit your style and lifestyle. Take a look at these keychains to find the perfect EDC accessory for your day-to-day needs:


When going climbing, a carabiner-clip keychain can keep your EDC secure. When hooked to your belt loop, the Trayvax Link Lanyard offers maximum security with its bungee nylon webbing that extends to 28 inches.

This carabiner keychain can also secure other items like a water bottle so you can be completely hands-free during your climb. Weighing 1.8 ounces, the Link Lanyard is the kind of keychain that won’t hold you back.


For an everyday keychain that can secure your everyday carry, take a look at the Trayvax Link EDC Lanyard. Like the Link Stretch Lanyard, it comes with a stainless steel carabiner clip to secure your items, such as your car keys and house keys. The Link EDC Lanyard boasts a double nylon webbing, guaranteeing to always be by your side.  If nylon isn’t your style, you can get the Link EDC Lanyard in top-grain leather.


If you’re looking for a carabiner-clip keychain that’s less tactical, choose the Trayvax Keyton Clip. Like the Trayvax Link EDC Lanyard, it’s a versatile everyday keychain that can keep your EDC secure. Crafted from top-grain leather, it’s designed to complement your classic leather wallet and leather belt. Its strap features a loop construction so you can wear it around your wrist.


A carabiner merges the two parts of the keychain, the key chain and the keyring, into a single tool. While the Trayvax Carabiner isn’t weight-bearing, it is stronger than the carabiner-clip keychains in the market. That’s because the carabiners are manufactured from premium materials such as brass and titanium.


With a pocket-sized tool like a keychain, you can organize your keys and functionally accessorize your outfit. If you don’t own a keychain (or if you do own one that you don’t use), it’s time to tweak how you keep your keys. Not only will a keychain allow you to keep track of where your keys are, but it will also keep your EDC secure and far away from pickpockets.


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