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The AKIO is one of the best private eye hospital in Delhi/NCR, India.



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Do you get worried even if you face the slightest irritation in your eyes? For most of us, the answer is yes. The eyes are an extremely important organ in our body and without proper vision, our daily work schedule will come to a halt. Sitting in front of computers for prolonged hours of work or study is also causing serious problems to the eyes of people of all age groups.

The best private eye hospital in Delhi provides all the necessary and special facilities to their patients. Regular eye check-up in hospitals that provide the best treatments is a must in the present scenario.

Choose the best eye hospital in your city

Factors that should be kept in mind while choosing the best private eye hospital:

Find the hospital that has a single-window solution to all eye problems

Various diseases concerning vision like cataracts, glaucoma, ocular inflammation, and the problems relating to low vision have become extremely common. If such diseases are neglected, they can lead to complete loss of vision in the future. The best private eye hospital in Delhi provides the best and multiple services for such vision problems. The hospital must be equipped with all modern infrastructure and equipment that are beneficial for the treatment.

A good eye hospital offers a tele-consult facility

In the present fast-paced life and 9 to 5 work schedule, people often find it difficult to visit hospitals for eye checkups. Also, in the case of elderly people visiting the hospitals to consult a doctor becomes difficult.  The best private eye hospital in Delhi like AKIO offers tele-consult facilities to their patients. This service is extremely helpful for pregnant women and all people suffering from other diseases, who are unable to visit eye hospitals. This service is cost-effective, time-saving, very helpful in maintaining social distance in the current covid times, and improves the interaction between the doctors and the clients. Also, to save time online booking of appointments is extremely beneficial for the clients.

Choose a hospital having advanced technology

Before visiting the hospital, we should be well informed about the doctors and the staff of the eye hospital. Qualified doctors and trained staffs are very important when it comes to selecting hospitals for an eye checkup. Skillful diagnosis, proper treatments with advanced technology, and adequate medications should be provided efficiently by doctors and staff to their patients.

A good eye hospital is cost-effective

The best quality private hospital should also be cost-effective. Along with providing the best infrastructure to their clients, they should ensure reasonable fees are charged to the clients. The best private eye hospital in Delhi provides various treatments like otoplasty, Lasik eye surgery, 3D micro-incision surgery, and phaco surgery in a cost-effective manner without compromising on the standard of the treatment.


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The AKIO a multi specialty eye hospital in delhi ncr was conceptualized in February 2021 by Dr Atul Kumar and his team of specialists. It became a reality within three months, having it operational from September 2021.







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