Code Of Business Ethics You Unethically Follow!

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3 years ago | 3 min read

Choosing the right path is not always in our hands!

New Business, New Department Heads and their New Ideologies!

But when taking an ethical decision, do we forget the principles and theories we are brought up with?

According to Buchholz and Rosenthal (1998), Business Ethics indicate the righteousness of both decisions and behaviors of individuals and organizations, they are part of. Ethics have always been a part of the society and the taught to us by our ancestors who followed the right path and sustained their valuable essence about business ethics. Business ethics meaning is often associated with thee right moral and values we incorporate in our decisions.

Each organization whether old or new follow a specific code of Ethics. Professional Ethics at workplaces are valuable in taking noteworthy decisions in an organization. Moreover, it plays a significant role in taking the right decisions incorporating several ethical conduct and strategies.

Due to broader levels of spectrum and functions in an organization, one could easily say, the organization is prone to a number of ethical issues incorporating issues in different sectors like Corporate strategies, Human resource management, Accounting and Finance, Operations management, Marketing management and several other behavioral and monetary issues. Even the best workplace ethics are mired by several other organizational factors.

Business Ethics are not something new we have been primarily hearing. Rather they are one of the ancient frameworks in an organization which always rule and govern firm to head the right path. But still several managements head in companies idealize the theory as a negative one which hinder people value and their opinions. Likewise, ethical values and an individual’s ideology cannot function on the same platform.

Here’s a list of ethics, we all have been following wrong-

· It’s A True Management Thing Rather Than A Religious Aspect- Many are aware that the right decisions when taken make an organization reach high on its success scale. Still not many are aware of that those decisions are truly governed taking all religious aspects in mind. Religious Ethics examples include Buddhism, Hinduism and several other religious practices. Hence, influence of religion may likewise hamper taking right decisions often which could turn out to be fruitful for an organization.

· Hiring Only People Possessing Ethical Traits On The Panel- Choosing the right candidate have to a moral choice sidelining various factors involving his ethical conduct and rejecting the one with not so upright ethical value but he can ultimately pace the organization with productivity and efficiency. A tough choice right? A negative effect of following such practice could impact the firm’s performance and they could end up being in a conflict between the employee’s moral ethics and a contradictory customer. Moreover, it indicates the false business ethics we follow.

· Social Responsibility and Business Ethics-A Same Thing?- These are the two most prominent aspects in an organization where they collide in various manners. In this firms, take ethical decisions keeping in mind an equitable balance between their economic growth and welfare of the society. Many organizations fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility in a manner of also keeping their profits ratio high. But likewise fail in doing so, since keeping only the social aspect in mind, wise profitable decisions could not be made.

· Its Not Only About Doing The Right Thing- More than the guidelines and principles incorporated in the code of ethics, it’s the “Honesty” and “Faithfulness” which determine an employee’s overall value. Deceit in a workplace is often considered as illegal and fraudulent.

Different organizations follow distinct business practices. Business ethics have always influenced our decision-making ability. Hence, the decision lie in our hands to integrate those practices or not.

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