#CoFounder, Who are you? Risky road to success of a Co-Founder.

#Apple, #Ebay, #Google, #Twitter! Countless Names who had partners in crime and #success! In the real #startup world of 2019


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It takes two for a Tango! Three for a swirl!

#Apple, #Ebay, #Google, #Twitter! Countless Names who had partners in crime and #success! In the real #startup world of 2019 where an idea might have cropped out of one head, many others make it work and the bandwagon of brilliant core members render it possible!

It’s a web! Complicated to understand! Once successful, each element right from the original founder until the core members thinks it’s because of their presence (of mind and action). Sandwiched between all of this is the real fact!

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Let’s say you are the Hero Of your Vessel, bouncing your ship off the anchor, sailing across the endless sea to find the success you know would be somewhere the North Pole! The storms flow in, crackling thunderstorms hit your sail and just when the hopeless devil eats your mind and soul, you find another deserted jetty with a Sailor holding tight to the flywheel! Light at the end of the tunnel, as they say!

Somehow you both reach out, settle down, breathe a fresh air right in the middle of the ferocious sea while the moon shines on both of you! The adrenaline inside you starts pumping and together you both bounce back…determined to take on the huge waves, unstoppable whistling of the quick air between your ears! Cuz’ all you know is the North Pole!

 Sailing across, every atom in the cell of your skin feels rejuvenated and hola! you find many more boats idling in the sea with mariners and crew members, decks, cadets and Seamans struggling to make their ends meet, refusing to die and ready to face the stark, noisy, frightening sea which could gulp them down in seconds!

Together, you make a Company! A company with a Captain, a Vice-Captain and a battalion of members making your boat [which you embarked alone] a Winner with sentiments that could turn away the destiny and make its way to the North Pole – to find Success [ whatever it would mean for each of them… be it staying alive, finding companions, or exploring the unchartered territories or maybe just a high rush of adrenaline]

Now that you have read all of this, who would you attribute the #success to? Is it the Captain who embarked and braced the first deserted ship.. or the members who refused to quit and met the two survivors in the journey to make it there!

Guess What! Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, Google, eBay, Yahoo wouldn’t be what we know of today if the above wouldn’t have been there!

They are the #CoFounders! They all embarked a ship full of risk, that could have turned turtle anytime, but with one faith of Not Stopping at any cost and refusing to quit! Success for them could have been reaching back to the shore alone, but they didn’t and we all know why! Just wanting to fill their lives with not having to regret and to be a witness to the moment where they could drive the vessel to the North Pole! Silent and calm …. while the Captain takes the Winning Feather! 

If there is one magic formula to make a #business win, it has to be the #team Over the last decade working with corporates and #startups, I can safely conclude that the key to register success is the people behind it. If you have a bad product, a good team can still get it off the shelf. If you have a great idea, a bad team can sink it sooner than you think. If you are struggling today even with a great business idea and infallible strategy, review who is running the show. No wonder #investors bet first on the team, then the product and it’s #scalability. Sometimes things don’t need external consultants to show you the way. Try reviewing yourself first. If it’s not you, then explore who is the most influential human asset in the system who is breaking things. It may seem like finding a needle from the haystack, but it’s worth it. It’s as simple as that. 


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